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I said I would comment on the actual rules later, and here we are. Offending parts in bold blue, suggestions/fixes in red. I will try to filter stuff out that I'm not referring to, as to decrease the bulkiness of this post. Strike-through used to fix miscellaneous errors/ambiguities/etc.

Spoiler: show

2) Type Changes
Type changes must be within some level of reason. You can't have your Pokémon sprout wings to become Flying or die to become a Ghost type. There are no banned type changes (yes, you can have your Dark/Steel/Fairy/Ghost type changes), but type changes outside of fairly standard changes (things like Water/Bug Masquerain, Bug/Electric Volbeat, pure Rock Rhyhorn etc.) will be fairly heavily scrutinized. If you lose a type via a type change, you cannot keep unlimited energy of that type (familiarity is fine though), and you must lose the benefits granted by that type’s type characteristic. You will also gain the weakness/resistance spread, though you may need to modify it for balance.

So this is super minor and nitpicky, and I know you said that these were intentionally rough. I suggest adding in the Ghost type to that list, just to make it clear that Ghost type changes are allowed. Also, and this may be met with a lot of annoyance, there should probably be a particular subsection of the more finely tuned codification on Ghost type changes, if we are deciding to not ban them altogether. Ghosts are already wonky without the complication of people trying to do Ghost stuff in sigs. I have a couple of good suggestions on this topic, but I don't want to veer too much off the point of this post.

4) Moveset Alterations
You may pick up a maximum of 6 moves. These moves may not be more than 3 different types. You can pick up a maximum of two moves without dropping any moves, but if you pick up 3 or more moves, you must drop at least two. Outside of the one two "free moves", you must drop at least one move of roughly equivalent power or effect for every offensive move you add, and drop one move of any kind for eachsky non-damaging move you pick up. If you have two or more moves that are effectively identical (e.g. Protect/Detect/Safeguard, Heal Bell/Refresh, etc.), you must drop both moves for it to be considered one move. If you add a move, your Pokémon must be reasonably able to perform the move for it to work (i.e. have the proper limbs, have similar moves, etc.).

The bold part should read "You can pick up a maximum of two moves without dropping any moves. For every move after the first two, you must drop at least one move." I think this might have just been a poor splice from a debate on whether a 'mon could get one or two free moves, but if it isn't, it's a little silly to have to drop two moves to go to three new moves, opposed to dropping none to go to two.

6) Entry Hazards
Entry hazard can only have a single effect, be it damage, a status, a boost or drop or a similar effect. They must be clearable by conventional hazard clearing moves and be directly targetable and destroyable by damaging moves of damage roughly proportional to the damage they inflict (or roughly considerable damage if they if the hazard inflicts no damage). Generally, they must be at least somewhat inefficient.

7) Type Energy Sigs
Pokémon may become familiar with a single type, allowing them more type energy and the associated perks of type familiarity. You may also gain up to 3 moves of that type, but you must drop at least 3 moves. You cannot have sigs that allow for unlimited type energy or that change an unlimited type energy to which you already have access, save for type changes.

So, if I gain a single move along with this, I should drop at least three? This doesn't work. Bolded part should read "You may also gain up to 3 moves of that type, but for each move gained this way, you must drop at least one move. For move adding/dropping guidelines, see Moveset Alterations." This makes the bolded part less terrible but still not as good as a pure moveset change.

10) Healing Moves/Effects
Draining moves can restore either energy or health and draw from the same sources. However, they may not restore more than 3/4 of what they gain deal. Diminishing returns apply, and moves that restore more than ˝ on their first use must diminish more quickly.


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