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Wanted to post quickly and complement people on a largely healthy and sensible discussion on these issues that I know are of great interest to many

For info, I assisted Jeri in drawing up the original draft but have deliberately stayed away from this thread in order to later be able to come at it with fresh eyes and ensure my reputation did not colour debates. I have now read through the entire thread and given Jeri my comments - I believe it is his intention to finish this up in a short while. He seems to be minded to ensure that there is a little bit of flex in things so I'm confident that the system he is devising will work really well for people. Sigs are often cited as one of the great things about ASB.

One tip for some of the naysayers in this discussion... were this all to be implemented as hard rules, not soft guidelines, it would not in any way stifle creativity. I know it seems like it would do, on the surface, but you just need to look around at some of the more subtle sig-writers, not the ones with trophies and loud voices, to appreciate this point. I have faith in the boundless imagination of the ASB to find new and exciting ways of writing cool sigs within the framework it looks like we will be building. One or two comments in this thread have come from a place of selfishness and a desire to deliberately push boundaries as far as is possible. I understand those feelings, but I would encourage you to place them at the back of your mind.
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