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Zero's PASBL Statistics, Squad members, and other relevant things

Trainer Level: 4
KO Count: 75
Trainer Points : 206
Wins : 24 Losses : 14
SP: 5.75
Draws : 0
Pokemon: 43 of 43 (TP Slots Included) 1 Special Slot
Ref Grade: C+
Megastones: 1 of 3

Spoiler: show

#1. Abyss: Gyarados Level 5 Male (Uplevel)
Hidden Power: Poison
Spoiler: show
Bio: Ever since he evolved Abyss has been wondering why he had been cursed with a secondary typing that didn't match him at all. Sure there were other like him that could be called miss typed but Gyarados's seem to be at the top of the pyramid of unreasonable secondary typing. Unlike other Water/Flying types he had no real flying type moves to go with his typing. One day after once again being forced to face defeat due to his secondary typing Abyss decided to do away with it.
Among the Gyarados race their is a rumor of an ancient training ground in the far depths of the ocean filled with the power of the sea. Not knowing where exactly the training ground was Abyss began to dive to extreme depths to explore every undersea cave and canyon he came across in his search. Eventually he became well know among Pokemon and humans alike as Abyss the exploring Gyarados, being an explorer myself I decided to try my best to meet this seemingly like minded Pokemon of the deep. Having a familiar hobby/occupation wasn't safe enough ground to encounter the Pokemon for he still was a wild Gyarados, which everyone knows can be very dangerous.
Around a year latter after lots of research and some cash invested into underwater legends and ruins I believed myself ready to meet and if necessary bargain with the Gyarados. I was hoping to meet him on my next underwater expedition in the Hoenn region in which Abyss had been sighted in recently. Jirachi must have heard my wish and granted it for as the submarine surfaced in the underwater cave we encountered him.
He didn't seem to care that much about our presence as he stared intently at a mural carved into the cavern wall. Many of us were puzzled at the odd letter or rather symbols inscribed, we tried to solve it there but ran out of time for the operation for that day so we had to return to the surface.
Close to a week later the expedition was canceled and everyone but me went to the next field to work. Being intrigued by the cave and the resident who had taken up residence there I hung around trying to break the code. Eventually I gave up and went down to the cave with a punch of different tools need to tear the place apart if needed, since the community had discarded the ruins as of no importance I could do as i wish to the ruins. I was placing some explosives around the mural when I accidentally hit a button that opened up a path way, as the pathway opened I was bowled over by Abyss as he raced into the room ahead.
The room glowed a pale blue light that gave it the impression that it was filled with water, the light itself came from countless water stones that made the room itself. In the center of the room appeared to be a alter of sorts with a large egg shell that was to big for any common Pokemon. Upon inspecting the alter I was able to decipher that this was where the legendary Kyogre was born and where the power of the sea was the strongest.
Abyss was busy bathing in the glow of the oceans energy inside what remained of the giant egg shell, this energy soaked his entire being down to his DNA changing him into a pure water type at last. To show thanks for my small part in helping him achieve his goal he decided to join my team.
Type Change: Pure Water
Abyss is now a pure water type. Electric and Grass type moves now have twice the chance to have secondary effect happen (Ex. Discharge would have a 60% chance of paralysis instead of 30%) when used on him. Abyss has also lost steel, fire, water, and ice type resistances. Abyss has also forgotten the moves Fire Blast, Thunder, Blizzard, and Giga Impact.

#2 Maw: Steelix level 5 Female (Uplevel)
HP: Electric

#3 Wisp: Charmeleon level 4 Female
Holding: Charzardite X
Hidden Power: Ground

#4 Peaches: Tyrantrum level 4 Female
HP: Fairy

#5 Aurora: Togekiss level 4 Male

#6 Vivi: Scizor level 4 Female
Hidden Power: Water

#7 Nanu: Mareep Female level 1

#8 Gust: Mimikyu level 1 Male

#9 Sanaki: Alola Grimer level 1 Female

#10 Mario: Mudkip Male level 1

#11 Sear: Salandit level 1 Female

#12 Ashe: Dratini level 1 Female

#13 Fang: Ekans level 1 Male

#14 Peach: Shellos Female level 1

#15 Yang: Mawile Female Level 1

#16Hwon: Chimchar Male level 1

#17 Earthy: Bulbasaur Female level 1

#18 Sand: Rhyhorn level 1 Female

#19 Pad: Lotad male level 1

#20 Cling: Joltik female level 1

#21 Gear: Golett level 1

#22 Pudding: Ralts female level 1

#23 Thing: Lileep Male level 1

#24 Shield: Ferroseed level 1 Male

#25 Zour: Rotom level 1

#26 Artillery: Skarmory Female level 1

#27 Mist: Swablu level 1 Female

#28 Slushie: Piplup level 1 Female

#29Cream: Lickitung level 1 Female

#30 Bun: Torkoal level 1 Male

#31 Friar: Makuhita level 1 Male

#32 Bon: Igglybuff level 1 Female

#33 Sugar: Koffing level 1 Female

#34 Cinnamon: Numel level 1 Female

#35 Gamma: Beldum level 1

#36 Oni: Zubat level 1 Female

#37 Ruos: Pichu level 1 male

#39 Cookie: Inkay level 1 Female

#40 Chips: Sableye level 1 Male

#41 Shiho: Budew level 1 Female

#42 Karen: Bagon level 1 Female

#43 Kent: Aron level 1 Male

Flan: Alolan Ninetales level 4 Female
This Alolan Ninetales is a prize for heavily impacting the 2017 Spring Grand Melee. It does not count towards squad limits.
Special Resistance: Lavaproof
This Alolan Ninetales takes neutral damage from Fire-typed attacks. It’s also rather difficult to burn.
Current PASB record wins 24, losses 14, Draws 0
KO= 72 TP= 200 SP= .75 TL 4
Ref Grade C+

Gaming Pic
Spoiler: show

Wild Future

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