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Originally Posted by PikaGod View Post
Trading Lv 1 Male Swirlix in Gingebread Ball to MM for $10.

Trade Started
His backpack bulging with more supplies than average, Keith Masters made his way down the road. Meowth was on one of his shoulders, as usual, while a slightly larger-than-average Weedle sat on his other shoulder. The Bug/Poison-type was looking visibly enthusiastic and excited, and was hardly able to hold still on her Trainer's shoulder, a fact Meowth was quick to pick up on.

"Man," he said. "Hermione's sure excited today."

"Can't say as I blame her," grinned Keith. "She's been looking forward to this baking competition for a while now."

"Yeah," nodded Meowth, once again perusing the flyer clutched in one of his front paws. It advertised a Pokémon baking competition in the recently-founded Pechagrove Town, to be held today. Trainers were allowed to enter two Pokémon, and the three of them were to work together to bake the best cake they possibly could. Hermione, who was basically the team's cook, was a natural choice for this, and in addition, Keith also planned to enter Peeves, his Dusknoir- Peeves almost always tended to be the one to help Hermione out with moving any kitchen implements larger than herself. Which was about three quarters of them. Moreover, this provided Keith with a lovely distraction from recently trading away his Snubbull to another Trainer who'd shown great interest in Jaws.

"Wow," Keith murmured as they drew closer- the buildings of Pechagrove Town were newly built, and they sure looked it, too. The streets and sidewalks were all new and clean, and what little grass Keith could see was meticulously mowed.

Before they actually got inside the town, a man approached them, wearing a black t-shirt featuring the exact same logo as on the flyer Meowth was holding- the name of the Pechagrove Baking Competition written in red icing on the side of a chocolate cake. "Hello!" the man greeted Keith. "Am I correct in assuming you're here for the baking competition?"

"Yeah, I am," Keith confirmed. "Name's Keith. This is Meowth- he's not entering- and Hermione, my Weedle- she is entering."

"Yeah, good to know, but I'm not the one to talk to about signing up," replied the man. "You'll want to head on over to the town square, it's just down the road," he explained. "Oh- and be very careful," he added, his smile fading. "Some of the other competitors have complained of a gluttonous Pokémon trying to eat everyone's supplies."

"Don't worry," Keith nodded. "I've raised a Swalot, a Victreebel, and a surprisingly gluttonous Vileplume- I got more than my fair share of experience defending my food from gluttons. Appreciate the heads-up, though."

"So wat kinda Pokémon do ya tink it is?" asked Meowth as they headed down the street. "Da guy didn't say."

"Hard to say," shrugged Keith. "Could be a Gulpin, or a Snorlax... hell, could be a Dusclops. Before Peeves evolved again, his innards were basically a very well-contained black hole."

As they drew closer to the town square, Meowth opened his mouth to reply to this, but before he got the chance to form words, an angry shout filled the air. "Hey!" the voice exclaimed. "Get away from those!"

Keith and Meowth exchanged looks. "Let's check it out," Keith stated, breaking into a run.

Once they reached the town square, there was little time to marvel at the setup. There were numerous ovens and tables set up, with many Trainers and their Pokémon at them. In one area, however, one of the Trainers was shouting at an unfamiliar Pokémon. It was pink and white, very fluffy, and more to the point, gorging itself on an assortment of berries. The outraged Trainer's pair of Pokémon, a Bagon and an Axew, were both firing Dragon Rage attacks, neither of which had any effect on the offending Pokémon.

"Wat is dat?" Meowth asked.

"That looks like the Pokémon Lucas had," Keith said suddenly, recalling the small fluffy Pokémon he saw during that short-lived visit to that even shorter-lived Secret Base. "I never did find out what kind it was..." With that, he took out his Pokédex and aimed it at the creature.

"Swirlix, the Cotton Candy Pokémon," said the Pokédex. "Swirlix's diet consists entirely of sweet foods, which results in its fur becoming as sweet-scented and sticky as cotton candy. This Fairy-type Pokémon fires sticky threads at its opponents to slow them down in battle."

"A Fairy-type," Keith murmured. "No wonder those Dragon Rages aren't doing a thing."

Meanwhile, Swirlix had polished off the Trainer's Berries, and had jumped into the air. His paws retracted into its fluffy fur, leaving only his tail visible as he drifted towards another table, where a Trainer and his Hitmonlee and Sawk were trying to protect their own cooking supplies.

"Hell, no!" the Trainer said defiantly as the Swirlix drew nearer. "Guys, gear up for double Poison Jabs!"

"Swirl Swirlix!" Swirlix exclaimed. Without missing a beat, he unleashed a powerful flash of magical light, the Dazzling Gleam doing great damage to both Fighting-types.

"Dat's powerful!" Meowth exclaimed.

Just then, one of the competitors nearest Keith turned to face him. "Hey, can you try to get rid of this thing?" he asked Keith. "That Swirlix has been systematically eating everyone's supplies! We're going crazy here!"

"Hasn't anyone tried to just catch it?" Keith asked.

"Yeah, but we can't weaken it enough! It keeps breaking out of the thrown Poké Balls!" replied the competitor.

"Well, I'll give it a shot," Keith stated. He ran forward and stood before the Swirlix, who was currently en route to another table. "Meowth, use Fury Swipes!" he ordered.

"Yeah!" Meowth exclaimed, leaping off of Keith's shoulder. He lunged straight for the Swirlix, scratching madly, but Swirlix responded by exhaling a pink mist from his mouth, one with a very Sweet Scent to it. One whiff of it and Meowth stopped the frenzied scratching, entranced by the scent. Swirlix then floated up and out of the way, allowing Meowth to fall to the ground.

"Pull yourself together, Meowth!" Keith exclaimed. "Come on, get up and use Water Pulse!"

"Gah... right..." Meowth mumbled, climbing to his feet, still dazed by the impact and the Sweet Scent. However, even as he started charging up the Water Pulse, Swirlix responded by firing off a glowing green sphere, knocking him on his back with the sudden Energy Ball attack.

"Weedle..." Hermione murmured. Keith glanced at the Weedle on his shoulder- this entire time, she'd been silent, simply gazing at her surroundings, but now she was peeking into Keith's backpack. Then, using String Shot, she lassoed a single Pecha Berry and yanked it out of the bag.

"Hermione, what are you doing?" asked Keith.

"Weedle Weedle," replied Hermione, before dangling the Pecha Berry in plain sight. "Weedle! Weedle Weedle!" she called out.

Swirlix's attention was caught immediately. "Swirl!? Swirlix Swirlix!!" the Fairy-type exclaimed, excitedly floating over and gobbling up the berry.

"Weedle... Weedle Weedle, Weedle Weedle Weedle?" Hermione asked.

"Swirl. Swirlix swirl," nodded Swirlix, still chewing on the berry, though looking somewhat sad.

Keith watched the two Pokémon converse for a moment. Then, once a dazed and worn-out Meowth managed to clamber back onto his shoulder, he glanced over, as though silently asking for a translation. "Apparently, dis whole area used ta be full o' Pecha trees," Meowth explained. "Hermione couldn't help but notice dat dere ain't none ta be found before, and dose is wat dis Swirlix ate all da time, and now dat his food source is all gone, he gotta take wat he can get."

"Wow," Keith murmured. "That's why Hermione went for that Pecha Berry... And they are pretty sweet-tasting, so it makes sense Swirlix would like those..."

Now Swirlix was looking excited about something. He had backed up, creating plenty of space between itself and Keith. "Swirl! Swirlix swirl!" he exclaimed.

Keith grinned. "Lemme guess- Swirlix wants a battle?" he asked.

"Yep," Meowth confirmed. "Looks like dat one Pecha Berry got Swirlix in a better mood."

"Clearly," nodded Keith. "Alright, then- Hermione, go!" he said, addressing the Weedle on his shoulder.

"Weedle!" Hermione exclaimed, jumping down. Once on the ground, she bowed to her opponent, her silver head stinger gleaming in the sunlight as she did so.

Swirlix made the first move. Taking a deep breath, the Fairy-type then exhaled a cloud of pink mist towards Hermione- another Sweet Scent!

"Hermione, look out for the Sweet Scent!" Keith exclaimed. "Use Blow-Back!"

"Weeeeeedle!" Hermione exclaimed, exhaling a powerful gust of wind from her mouth. The pink mist was blown backwards, and now it was Swirlix who was in a daze. The other competitors looked mildly impressed.

"Now, Hermione- Poison Sting, let's go!" Keith ordered.

"Weedle! Weedle!" Hermione replied, firing off a volley of glowing purple needles from her head stinger. Still dazed, Swirlix was unable to evade the super effective move, crying out in pain as the needles pelted his body.

"Swirl!" exclaimed Swirlix, before his eyes started to glow blue.

"Hermione, it's using Psychic!" Keith warned the Weedle. "Counter with Fire Shield!"

"Weedle!" Hermione called out. A dome of fire appeared all around her, neutralizing the wave of Psychic energy. However, as the Fire Shield wore off, Swirlix was diving down, going for a Tackle.

"Quick- Flash, let's go!" Keith commanded.

Hermione took aim with her head stinger, which glowed with an intense bright light. Swirlix screamed and shut his eyes, stopping in place as it tried to blink away the momentary blindness.

Keith saw this as an opportunity, and was quick to seize it. Swirlix was, he could tell, a powerful and resourceful Pokémon, and if he could take this battle as an opportunity to catch it, that's just what he was gonna do. "OK!" Keith exclaimed, throwing a red and white sphere at the Swirlix. "Go, Poké Ball!"

The ball struck Swirlix and sucked it inside. Keith held his breath as it fell to the ground and started to shake... but moments later, glowing red cracks formed in the ball, and it burst open, letting Swirlix back out.

"Aww!" Keith grumbled. "It appeared to be caught!"

"Swiiiiiirlix!" Swirlix trilled, flying in for another Tackle attack.

"Hermione, quick, use Hidden Power!" Keith commanded. Immediately, several earthy brown orbs of energy formed all around the Weedle, and were fired off at the oncoming Swirlix. However, Swirlix plowed through all of the orbs, and also into the Weedle who conjured them.

"Whoa!" Meowth exclaimed.

"'Whoa' is right," grinned Keith. "Hermione, you alright?" he called.

"Weedle... Weedle Weedle!" Hermione exclaimed, getting back up, her and Swirlix eyeing each other again.

"Then let's finish this! Ice Beam, go!" Keith ordered.

"Weedle... WEEDLE!!!" Hermione exclaimed, charging up pale blue energy on the tip of her head stinger, then unleashing it in the form of a pale blue beam of energy. Swirlix cried out as the Ice-type move made contact, This time, the attack knocked Swirlix to the ground, and as it struggled to get back up, Keith saw another opening.

"This is it!" he declared. With one hand, he prepared another Poké Ball- this one pink with yellow and blue patterns on it-, and with the other, he turned his cowboy hat backwards. "Go, Heal Ball!"

Once more, the ball struck Swirlix and pulled it inside. It snapped shut and fell to the ground, and Keith's eyes were glued to the sphere as it wobbled back and forth, a red light blinking on and off on the button... until finally, it fell still, giving a low-pitched pinging sound.

"Yes!" Keith exclaimed, running over to the ball. He picked up the sphere and looked at it happily for a moment before holding it up high. "I just caught... a Swirlix!"

"Meowth! Dat's right!" Meowth chimed in.


Several hours later, things were back in track. A local berry shop had reimbursed the competitors for their lost berries, and Keith had finally managed to complete his entry form for the competition... with one minor alteration.

Keith grinned as he approached the table where his Pokémon were about to work their culinary magic. Meowth had been forced to watch from the sidelines, lest he be accused of helping them cheat.

"Alright!" the emcee announced, standing on a large stage in front of all the tables and ovens. "Welcome, one and all, to Pechagrove Town's first ever bake-off! The rules are simple- each competitor is allowed to use two of their Pokémon to help them bake the best cake. The winner will receive a year's supply of Pecha Berries, all harvested from the trees that used to be here instead of this town- and after the competition, more Pecha Berries will be planted all over town, so Pechagrove can live up to its name once again, since unfortunately, all the old Pecha trees in the area had to be cut down. And don't worry- these berries have a very long shelf life, they will last you that year! Now, contestants, send out your Pokémon!"

Keith grinned, throwing a Poké Ball into the air. "Go! Hermione!" he exclaimed, the ball unleashing the Weedle onto the table.

Meowth grinned from his position on the sidelines. "Youse guys gots dis!" he cheered.

Now Keith threw his second Poké Ball- the Heal Ball. "And go, Swirlix!" he exclaimed.

"WAAAAT?!" Meowth exclaimed in shock, as indeed, the Cotton Candy Pokémon appeared on the table next to Hermione.

"OK, Swirlix, here's the thing," Keith said to his newest Pokémon. "Hermione here thinks you got what it takes to help us win this thing. You willing to help her bake this cake?"

"Swirlix! Swirlix swirl!" nodded Swirlix happily.

"Ready... BEGIN!" exclaimed the emcee.

"OK!" Keith said. "Swirlix, listen to whatever Hermione says, OK? She's the brains of this operation."

As if on cue, Hermione started giving Swirlix orders, and the Fairy-type's eyes glowed blue. Using Psychic, Swirlix procured everything Hermione was asking for. Keith was practically not needed here, stepping in only to mix together ingredients and help pour things. At one point, Hermione charged up a large glob of molten chocolate above her head, and fired it into an empty bowl before turning back to her other ingredients. Swirlix approached the bowl of chocolate. Keith looked wary, but Swirlix merely used Psychic to sample a small drop of chocolate, before shaking his head. "Swirlix!" he said to Hermione.

"Weedle... Weedle Weedle," Hermione nodded. At this, Swirlix used Psychic once more, this time to levitate a single Cheri Berry into the air. Hermione fired a Swift attack at it. The star-shaped rays sliced through the berry several times over, reducing it to little pieces. Swirlix let these fall into the chocolate, which Keith took as his cue to stir the contents of that bowl. Once he was done, Swirlix sampled the chocolate again, this time seeming satisfied with the taste.

"Man," Meowth murmured, observing this. "Dat Swirlix is good."

At long last, two halves of the cake were ready to get baked, with the molten chocolate from earlier now a delicious chocolate frosting. But instead of using the provided oven, Hermione ordered Swirlix to levitate the cake pans in midair, while she herself bombarded them with Firestream. The scent of baking cake, while already in the air, emanated even more strongly from their area than from anywhere else. Between Firestreams, Hermione continued to instruct Swirlix, who rotated the pans as necessary, occasionally lowering them for Hermione to inspect their progress. And at long last, Hermione deemed the cakes to be done. Swirlix levitated them out of the pans and onto several trays Keith hastened to move into position. Once cooled down, the cakes were to be frosted. This part, Keith was rather necessary for, as he scooped out the frosting and applied it to the top of one of the cakes. Swirlix then levitated the other cake on top, sandwiching the chocolate frosting between the two cakes like a reverse Oreo on steroids. After that, Keith helped to apply the rest of the frosting, covering the entirety of the newly constructed cake.

After that, with just minutes left on the clock, came the final touch- an assortment of Snoverberries. Keith had to run these by the judges before the competition, since they were traditionally grown on Snover- he didn't want them thinking he was trying to cheat. The judges accepted his explanation that they were homegrown and allowed them, and so now they were being stuck artfully into the frosting all around the edge of the cake, as well as in the middle of the top. Keith snuck a peak at the design and couldn't help but smile- the Snoverberries formed the shape of a cowboy hat. "Now that's a nice touch," he grinned.

"And, TIME!" the emcee announced.

Now came the tense part- the judges were making their rounds, sampling each and every cake, making little comments to each participant. It was clear to see that they weren't shy about speaking their minds- in the first couple of minutes of judging, two different competitors ran off crying. Keith couldn't help but feel a little nervous, but had to smile as he saw the confident looks his Weedle and Swirlix had.

At long last, the judges arrived at their table- the very last entry. Wordlessly, the four of them each sampled a forkful of cake, making sure each forkful included cake, frosting, and at least one Snoverberry.

"Mmm," the first judge murmured in an encouraging tone. "Frosting made from Chocolate Magic chocolate... with just a hint of Cheri Berry. Inspired!"

"Masterful use of Snoverberries," was all the second judge could say. "Complements the rest of the cake very nicely."

"I don't believe it would be an exaggeration to call this cake a masterpiece," the third judge declared. "Moist and delicious."

With what appeared to be no less than rave reviews from the first three judges, Keith, Hermione, and Swirlix turned to the fourth judge, whose face betrayed no emotion as she swallowed her bite of cake.

"Mr. Masters," she said in an icy tone of voice that made Keith's heart sink. "In all my years of living, I have sampled some of the best dishes ever conceived by man or Mankey. I have sampled dishes suitable for the best of the best. Food one would consider fit for Kalosian royalty, even. And now I find myself sampling this... this cake you and your Pokémon put together. And as I find my taste buds being subjected to what you have wrought here today, I can think of only one thing to say to you..." At this moment, just as Keith was ready to kiss any hope of winning goodbye, the judge cracked a small smile. "...may I have some more of this cake?" she asked.

"...Oh! Uh, yeah, sure, dig in," Keith nodded. "You too," he added, noting the hopeful looks on the other three judges' faces. His grin returned in full force as the judges helped themselves to more and more cake, leaving about half of it left when all was said and done, while the other contestants nearest them shook their heads, not feeling so hot about their chances of winning anymore.

At long last, the results were in, and the emcee was up on stage conferring with the judges. Once they broke apart, the emcee approached the microphone. "We have a winner," he declared. "Our judges are in unanimous agreement- our winner today is Keith Masters and his Weedle and Swirlix, for their Cheri-chocolate-frosted cake that our judges are describing as 'nothing short of heavenly', among other things."

"Sweet!" Keith exclaimed, pun fully intended and everything. He scooped up Hermione and Swirlix and made his way on stage. Everyone was applauding them, including and especially Meowth. "Thank you, thank you," he grinned as he was presented with a humongous sack full of Pecha Berries. "But I couldn't have done this without these guys," he added, indicating the Weedle and Swirlix in his arms. "Hermione, my Weedle, she's nothing short of a genius. And Swirlix here is the newest addition to the team, as many of you may know, but he's more than proven itself as much more than a simple glutton."

"Swirl!" Swirlix exclaimed happily.

"Which reminds me," Keith smiled. "Swirlix, we should come up with a nickname for you... Personally, I'm thinking Cotton has a nice ring to it. You like?"

"Swirlix swirl~" Swirlix replied, while floating up and licking Keith's face. Keith laughed happily at this, though... not so much when Cotton then proceeded to gorge himself on the Pecha Berries!

Meowth gave a small sigh, though he was smiling. "Another glutton joins da team," he chuckled.

OOC: Trading 10 to PG for his level 1 male Swirlix. Thanks very much! Cotton's in good hands.

*Trade Closed*

Transferring Cotton the Swirlix into this Heal Ball, discarding his old Gingerbread Ball in the process.

Using the TMs purchased here on my new Swirlix.

*Cotton learned Calm Mind!*

*Cotton learned Toxic!*

*Cotton learned Thunderbolt!*

*Cotton learned Psychic!*

*Cotton learned Flamethrower!*

*Cotton learned Thief!*

*Cotton learned Hidden Power (Psychic)!*

*Cotton learned Energy Ball!*

*Cotton learned Flash!*

*Cotton learned Dazzling Gleam!*

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