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Slack Off (NO) -- The user takes a break, entering a relaxed state in order to regain energy at a fast rate. After about half a round of time, it will restore an extreme amount of energy, after which the user will automatically focus up, feeling refreshed and energetic. While in this state, the Pokémon is still aware of its surroundings and its foe and can break out of this state early (though they will restore less energy as a consequence). Pokémon will generally be able to react to oncoming attacks even in this state, but will have a slower reaction time and reacting to attacks may cause the overall energy restored to be lower in spite of having taken the whole time. This move will also reset the user's mental state and make them slightly more resistant to mental or emotional effects for the next few rounds.

Oh this was definitely a Kush rewrite lol. I already don't really like how I rewrote roost sooooooo this is all you're gonna get sorry.

Muddy Water (GD/WT) -- The user shoots out a very powerful, but dirty, stream of water, which does considerable damage and might lower the opponent(s) accuracy if it hits in their eyes. Since it is both Ground and Water, its type-effectiveness is slightly different, dealing super effective hits to Poison, Steel, Ground, Electric, Rock and Fire types, while being resisted by Water, Dragon, Grass and Bug types. The damage from Muddy Water will never be doubly effective or doubly ineffective against a single-typed Pokémon. This move uses considerable Ground and Water energy.

Sludge Wave (PO/WA) --The user issues a huge watery wave of toxic sludge, washing over the foe for significant damage. The large size of the wave allows it to hit multiple targets at once. This attack has a 10% chance of poisoning. Since it uses half Poison and half Water energy, its type-effectiveness is slightly different, dealing super effective hits to Fire and Fairy, while being resisted by Dragon, Ghost, Poison and Water. Steel types are considered resistant in the same way they resist moves such as Sludge Bomb. The damage from Sludge Wave will never be doubly effective or doubly ineffective against a single-typed Pokémon.This move uses significant Poison and Water energy.

Flying Press (FT/FL) - The user leaps into the air, coming down on top of the target with its full weight, dealing considerable damage. Since this move is half Flying and half Fighting, its type-effectiveness is slightly different, dealing super effective damage to Normal, Fighting, Ice, Dark and Grass Pokeémon and resisted damage to Electric, Flying, Poison, Psychic and Fairy Pokeémon. The damage from Flying Press will never be doubly effective or doubly ineffective against a single-typed Pokémon. This move uses considerable Flying and Fighting energy.

Dragon Rage (Various) -- The user summons a powerful attack which is dependent on the arena. If there is water present between the two Pokeémon, the user summons a spiral of energy, which is quickly sent at the opponent, sucking up the water in the arena to deal significant Water-typed damage for significant energy. If there isn't water, it's a large fireball which deals heavy damage in a mix of dragon and fire energy, dealing Super Effective damage on Bug, Grass and Ice-types and Not Very Effective damage on Fire and Fairy types. This move uses considerable Dragon and Fire energy.The fireball may be used in an aqueous environment, but the water version is arena-dependent.

There is no good way to do this but this is probably the only way to keep them okay without them being crazy.

Sludge Bomb (PO) -- The user fires a large ball of poison energy at the foe, which bursts upon contact in a wave of sludge for significant damage. The sludge is highly toxic, and has a 30% chance of poisoning the foe. This attack may also be used in a scattershot variation, where multiple small balls are launched at the foe, which can be spread out or focused as desired. This version also deals significant damage in total, with each ball dealing roughly moderate damage.

There you go, Poison-typed Water Pulse.

Glare (NO) -- Using decent energy, the user gives the opponent a look that, upon eye contact, freezes the target in place for a few seconds. This move is somewhat hypnotic, taking advantage of the user's snake-like charms, and somewhat effective even on Pokémon that would not otherwise be intimidated.
This is really more of a snake-hypnosis move than just an initimidating stare so it should be made a bit better.

Leer (NO) -- Using light energy, the user glowers at the opponent while its eyes glow brightly, trying to spook the opponent. When eye contact occurs, the opponent will freeze in place for a moment, potentially interrupting their attack and lowering their defense temporarily. The accuracy of this attack depends on the distance apart the two Pokémon are, as there needs to be close to moderate range for this attack to work.
There - the anime actually does it this way and we never have for some reason.

Scary Face (NO) -- The user makes a face that scares the target, using moderate energy to distort their features and cause their eyes to glow. Foes who are intimidated by this will move and act slowly and cautiously as they watch for attacks from all sides, dropping their speed significantly. This move is slightly more initimidating than others of its kind, making it work slightly more effectively on Pokémon who may not normally be intimidated by the user.

I'm not sure how I feel about Screech and Metal Sound since Screech is already really good.

Fake Tears (DK) -- Using moderate energy, the user pretends to cry, which may leave the victim(s) open to being attacked. It also can be somewhat distracting and can fluster the foe, distracting them from the battle and lowering their special defense significantly. Success rate is akin to Charm, in that the victim's mental state and the current battle must be taken into account.
Not sure why we never made this lower Special Defense even if it's really dumb
Substitute (NO) -- The user creates a copy of itself. Its trainer first specifies a power level between good and extreme (the default level is significant) and the user sacrifices that amount of health and 1.25x that amount of energy to form the copy. The copy will have the amount of health sacrificed to create it and will fade once this is depleted. Upon creating the copy, the user tricks opponents in to focusing on it and prevents them from deliberately targeting their true location under any circumstances. The user will move around to avoid attacks automatically, though indirect or arena wide damage such as Hail or Earthquake may still affect both the copy and the user. The user will still perform attacks - the Substitute is simply a very convincing distraction. The copy is immune to all status conditions. Maintaining the copy costs no energy but sustained usage will cause the user to become fatigued at a faster rate than normal.
We literally just had this conversation but fine okay, hand held.

Extreme Speed (XX) -- The user consumes a significant amount of energy to move as quickly as it possibly can, striking the opponent for solid physical damage, which is boosted thanks to the increased momentum. It is also much more difficult to control direction. Additionally, unlike other moves, it is very straining to use this move over long distances. Extremespeed is faster and more powerful than Quick Attack, but uses a lot more energy.

Errata to come once people yell at me.

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