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Originally Posted by Aposteriori View Post
During a conventional switch in a doubles match, are both of the switcher's pokemon delayed to attack or only the one switching in?
Unless the orders for the unswitched 'mon are contingent upon the switch, they wouldn't suffer a delay.

Originally Posted by Connor View Post
With regards to Double Team, can moves which are normally not suited to striking multiple targets do so? So, for example, would a Flare Blitz be able to be used to tackle through numerous clones, or a Hydro Pump be used to blast through multiple by using it as a strafing beam?

I understand the rationale for them being able to do so but I also feel this really devalues Double Team as a move in general.
So there is a little bit of precedence for this, but it's rather old and has generally been seen as you do as devaluing Double Team entirely. I would generally say that doing this is probably not going to be totally successful and have the following effects/reasons:
  1. The Pokémon being attacked is going to realize what's happening and make an effort to move out of the way before their clones are all destroyed.
  2. The Pokémon is going to shift away meaningfully from the attack, only getting hit by a partial at best.
  3. The attacker, too focused on its movement, isn't going to be able to react fast enough to adjust its fire or body.
  4. The attacker will, at most, hit one extra clone.

So... long story short, this shouldn't actually work.
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