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Litwick Salix babylonica

The night air is howling, its wisp fangs racing across the decrepit mansion. The sounds of spirits hiss as they float through the atmosphere, fazing in and out of the mansion. The acres of dead grass whisper to the brave trainers that decide to call it home. The mansion home. Various small outcroppings dug into the trees and under the soil, giving an intoxicating allure. One such trainer makes him home here, within the tallest willow tree. The tree sings out the cries of the damned, acting as its conductor. A complex web of pulleys lead to the opening of the house, beckoning the living to enter into its damned halls.

Floor I:

The main room is carved out from the tree, completely encasing the residents within. The door was melded from the gnarled wood of the willow tree, setting up the tone of the living building. The first thing that's noticable is the giant, gnarled table to the right. It's large enough to house a few humans, and a lot of Pokemon. Being part of the tree, it does require being trimmed every so often or it'll overtake the entirety of the first floor. Four wooden stumps brought in from the surrounding area serve as chairs for humans to dine. Two other stumps serve as chairs for the small television towards the back of the room. Three cushions patterened after Zigzagoons are placed in a pile in front of the TV as well. A black Gamecube is connected to the electronic, with a few games piled up next to it. A poster of a Relicanth is behind the entertainment area, and next to the makeshift kitchen. It's just a sink with a few cooking utensils, and a Refrigerator filled to the brim with junky foods. The only other thing of note are the two tropical plants within the room. Also, the stairs leading up towards the second story.

Floor II:

The second story serves as Austin's bedroom. It is large and spacious, allowing the majority of his Pokemon to sleep in the room with him. In the middle of the room is an Eevee rug, for the Pokemon who wouldn't like the harshness of the wood on them. A small pool area is a bit in front of the stairs, and is held up and filtered out of the tree via tapping. It's commonly used as the bath, but sometimes the water types simply relax in it after the water becomes clean again. The small pool also leads to the toilet, which is hidden from view and uses seperate water. Two more tropical plants inhabit the room, adding a homey vibe to the willow tree. A blue bookcase filled to the brim with books and other things is on the top wall, and a small nook area created next to it. Two plushies, a Ditto and a Togepi, sit atop the bookcase as toys for the Pokemon. There is then a large, blue double bed for Austin and any Pokemon that wants to sleep with him, or if someone decides to stay the night. There is a Wingull poster above the bed, but was designed to hold any mail he may receive as well.

Enjoy your stay!~


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