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Originally Posted by Altocharizard55 View Post
The appointment plan will undoubtedly fail. It is far more likely for approvers to have a few large chunks of time rather than a bunch of small ones. What you're suggesting requires a ridiculous amount of coordination to pull off, and would effectively accomplish nothing that a full wipe would not, unless I am missing something. Also, it doesn't offer the chance to train new approvers, which to me is something that could be gained from a wipe.

What would the appointment plan give the ASB that the wipe would not?
As Snorby said, it gives the sigwriters a say in how to edit sigs that they're fond of or hold on to sigs that they've had for a while that don't actually violate any of the rules. Also, to that end, people may try to resub sigs that they liked and without that communication, it's may just get rejected, and the more that sig approvers have to reject something, wouldn't that result in more work? I think that the training of new approvers could just as easily occur during the appointment plan, and working with the sig approvals as we transition to better rules does a number of other things as well:

1. It allows there to be conversation between the approvers and the approvees, and we can accomplish what Slash wanted in terms of LOs figuring out what is actually relevant as rules or regulations in sigs in today's ASB competitive scene.
2. It gets people who are writing sigs to realize what works and doesn't and overall strengthens the community's sense of balance better than a flurry of rejections could ever do.
3. This is a bit of an investment in the future of sig approvals as people knowing what will be couture and what will not be leads to higher approval rates, and higher approval rates ultimately leads to less work.
4. IT'S NOT A RESET. To me, a reset button just feels- it just feels wrong. Yeah, we can go with "submit sigs for review by this date or it's auto-wiped," and that's fine. That deals with a lot of the issues detailed, actually. But because some sigs have waited for so long and some people have worked so hard on them, it seems unfair to me to just out-of-hand say "okay, we're starting over completely." IDK

I kind of agree that it's going to be hard to enforce a schedule, and I don't know that I agree with all the logistics of Snorby's plan, but I can't really condone a total reset either. Maybe we should have a period of "no sigs." Maybe there are completely broken sigs out there. But I don't like the idea of wiping out hard work along with bad work just for immediate convenience.

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