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UPN just ate my post so this will be brief(er).


As I've said multiple times, it creates an actual dialogue between approver and submitter that's desperately needed. With a full purge, we'll just start doing everything the same way again except with some rough guidelines to look at that each new Sig LO will undoubtedly tweak, and then in a while we'll be right back here again. There needs to be actual cooperation in this process. Why would it be a good idea to purge all the sigs when people have been talking about how the powers that be in ASB are uncompromising and unreasonable? That will just reinforce the narrative, not help to disprove it.

And I think you severely overestimate the difficulty this would require. There would be between 2 and 4 approvers working on this. Yes, they would need to be active. Yes, they would have to give a shit. But frankly that's what LOs should be in the first place, and saying that the current mediocre standard most of our LOs have set can't handle the upkeep isn't a good argument. The fact that we need more and better people for bigger tasks is exactly why Jeri's going to start looking into some people to help with this, i'd imagine.

I'd also like to reiterate that it takes absolutely minimal effort on the part of the submitter. In fact, it takes less than a clean wipe would. If someone signs up for a time and blows it off, that's on them, and their sigs will be looked at with no chance for revision, only retrojection.

As an aside, it would be massively appreciated if anyone could actually back it up when they say "It won't work", "it's too hard", "It will undoubtedly fail". Beating down a proposal without any given explanation or reason contributes absolutely nothing to the discussion. If you want to say, "This is a terrible idea and will crash and burn beyond a shadow of a doubt", go for it, but don't leave it at that. That's even less useful than the idea you criticize. Add some reasoning behind it.

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