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Just throwing it out there that saying nobody can admit their own Sigs are broken is a falsehood. It is why I got rid of all mine as a mass dump. I knew the majority of them were bloody obscene.

Still strongly in support of a full wipe but I can see the issues with it. Bluntly though, someone answer me this since I think it is a reasonable issue - if we are to say that we go through with a review of old Sigs, is this going to by default consume the majority of the allocated Sigs workers time? I'm all for easing their workload but putting a blatant stop to new Sigs or even slowing the system by comparison is a major kick in the bollocks to someone like me who is just looking to avoid the bullshit of everything, especially considering I'd be limiting myself to 15 submitted Sigs at any one time (which I feel is a good hard cap by the way). I have 150ish Pokemon and if I can bear to limit what I am submitting the rest of you probably can if we're honest.
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