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People inherently cannot review their own sigs because that is in no way balanced or fair. Not everyone can step back and admit a sig of their own is broken. That's why sig court was such a fiasco. And that schedule, while very well planned, seems extremely difficult from a logistic standpoint. On top of that, if I've learned anything in my short tenure in PASBL, it's that expectinganyone to do something on time is asking to have your hopes crushed.

The simple fix for both of those, as far as I am tell, is Slash's sig reset. Other than a mandatory review thread or whatever, it's he simplest approach. And in essence, those two methods are pretty much the same. Nothing else seems as simple yet effective to me.

Please pardon any typos as I'm on mobile.
2 reviewers mean that the other person reviews the other approver.

If by the end of the week you get some fully rejected, then just go back to the regular thread. We are talking about getting this done in the same time span that it took SS to review sigs before Jeri did them last. 2 months is a good timeline to use as a guideline. Maybe the approvers can do 4 people instead of 3 people if the time allows for it. This idea of mine incorporates Slash's approach of a league wide reset, and takes Snorby's idea of a schedule. The trainer pencil themselves in, get their squad fully dropped from sigs at the beginning of the week and in return you the trainer gets reviewed by the end of the week. By the end of the whole ordeal, the active userbase will be fully reviewed, with kosher sigs, while the ones that opted for no review will just have to start fresh with sigs after a set date.
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