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The current full SC, highlighting any problem areas

Smeargle (Normal): Smeargle may use the move Sketch to permanently learn new moves. Smeargle may learn up to ten Sketched moves as a TL1 Pokémon. For each level that a Smeargle gains, it can learn an additional three moves, up to a maximum of 31 total Sketched moves (other moves which Smeargle can learn naturally do not count towards this limit). Moves which Smeargle has learned must be noted in the Miscellaneous Squad Submissions thread and recorded in the Pokémon’s biography. Moves can also be deleted freely using this thread. Smeargle may not Sketch the same move more than once without deleting it first and cannot Sketch signature moves or moves learned via signatures. The amount of off-type energy that Smeargle receives is proportional to the types of moves that it copies. Smeargle may also may use their tails to paint their surroundings or their foes. This counts as a move and can serve a variety of purposes, from marking gathering points to writing taunts that will enrage the opponent. Smeargle have sensitive hearing, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound based status attacks. They fight more enthusiastically in urban environments.

The issues with the SC (in bullet points or short paragraphs, if applicable)
Sketch slots are no longer a sig

The proposed changes or additions (please do not rewrite the SC yourself)

Multiple solutions:
Smeargle has 30 slots, and becomes TL4 (On par to the low tier legends)
Smeargle starts with 10 slots, gains 3 slots TL2-TL6, and gains 5 slot at TL7.

Please dont make the slots level dependent from Smeargle's perspective, make the slots dependent on the trainer's level for the sake of streamlining the process. You gain the slots and the levels in one match, there is no need to spend SP prior to a sketch match, so this allows for one leveller match to fill multiple roles.
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