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oh, right, austo. I feel like we need it to be the powers that be that do it, not civilian independent contractors. TPTB need to personally touch every sig for reasons of fairness and objectivity. Otherwise, we're not really making the movement or the statement we should be.

It's no secret there's been some unrest within the community. There's been decisions and shifts and occurrences from on high, the consequences of which and community reactions to, have led to sparking debate, closing threads, causing some resignations, and other problems. Even with the recurring promise of "we're working on it, it'll be better soon" being repeated over and over, things have become, quite frankly, less transparent and allowing less public criticism about it. This is a problem.

But I think that this sig refresh idea will be a good way to try to help mend things a bit. We need a symbol. This is one of the many reasons why I push for a clean wipe on all sigs. It puts all of us on an equal playing field with sigs, everything is now fresh and new and clean and looked at with new eyes, not as "this has already been passed before", but seen as an entirely new submission. Just a plain review will make us vets have a much greater advantage. Losing a few sigs won't phase most of us because we have them to spare, and vets do end up given a share of leeway and some bias towards them when it comes to things like that. Not saying that is intentionall, but it does tend to pop up sometimes. A full sig wipe that puts newby-newb and El Jefe on the same grounds on sigs shows that kind of unity. Everyone starting from 0 and all sigs looked at as if for the first time, that's the ideal. We should strive to get as close to that as we can, and not implement some kind of system that is more complicated, dances around it, and leaves more room for one percenters to benefit while the lower levels are pushed down. A full wipe shows unity, that we are all the same in the eyes of the "law". And mostly I just think it will be healthy for the community. A review will be adjusting the course a bit. A wipe will be rebuilding a new and better system together. A new day, a new direction, instead of just some slight course correction. The course correction may address a symptom, but a wipe better addresses the real problem.

And, I cannot stress this point enough. I am known as sigs guy. I won best sig/sigmaker twice in a row. I am known/infamous for my love of sigs. They are like children to me. I pour out aa bit of my soul into every sig I craft. I am one of the ones pushing hardest for a full sig wipe.

Was going to edit this into my last post but it took awhile to type out and a new post happened in the interim so new post for you

Oh, and a quick note for the people who dislike or are upset with the full wipe idea because it'll "take away [my/people's/etc] sigs", it really won't. If they're pass worthy, they'll get passed in the round of approvals when that happens, which should be in the same timeframe, if not sooner (due to some people cutting the fat on some of their sigs and straight dropping unviable ones so LO time and frustrations are saved), it won't affect ongoing battles, so only battles in the short timeframe between the wipe happening and the round of approvals being active. And for the battles started in that timeframe, neither player has sigs to access. So it's level. The only sigs you "lose" are the ones that shouldn't be a thing, the others just get checked for maintenance. It's not loss, it's opportunity to re-assess them from the ground level.

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