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Kairne yet again proves we're braib linked by pretty much saying what I would've said, but better. Though, I feel like I should bring this up since me and Aposteriori had a little exchange about it: Smeargle. It's been pretty commonplace for people to give their Smeargle extra Sketch slots with some special rule as to how those slots are used. For example, the aforementioned Aposteriori's Smeargle has currently 8/twelve at TL7 slots that can be used to Sketch any move from a battle it was a squad member in. I was considering a similar sig for my new Smeargle and wanted to make sure he didn't think I was trying to rip his sig and he brought up the fact that Sig Codification may put some limits on that.

So, simple form: Can we still sig Smeargles to have "specialty" extra Sketch slots? Or would it be that you can do "specialty" Sketches, but only with the slots provided by normal Smeargle rules?

I also stand by full sig wipe. And shunting the entirety of the workload onto Sneazebag.
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