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I stand behind a full wipe (maybe because almost half my pokemon are new and sigless). But if we do it like that i think we should limit the amount of sigs one can submit a month. Atleast for a few months so we dont burn miror and jeri to death.

The other option is sigs not reviewed by a certain date will automatically be wiped and i feel like this is also a strong option as it helps to deal with people who randomly come back from the dead.

I think i would be decent at identifying if a sig fits in to the new guidelines and i normally have a fair amount of time so i would be happy to help trawl through peoples squads and identify sigs in need of review. I think if we had a team of people doing this and then get them to send the sigs they think need to be reviewed to Jeri and the other LOs who can then send a finalised list to the trainer. Run it so that everyone's squad gets looked over by three different people, that way you make sure that one person doesnt miss something. This i think would be pretty efficient and could easily be done by a group of active members who have a good general grasp of asb mechanics. People that come to mind that arnt LOs are. Sneaze, Connor, Kush, Apost, Snorby, Slash, Kamen, MtG and Myself. I probably forgot some people but thats three teams of three, that would easily spread the workload and make sure no one has all the weight sitting on their shoulders.

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