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Not sure I'm too fond of all this, to be honest. While rough guidelines may be a good things to encourage, rules I feel impede creativity. And rulesets like this pushes sigs from being art to being science, balanced equations, boxes checked. That's not good. That's something I have had issue with in ASB, especially lately: we're losing the art. Everything's all math and exact percentages and formula and decimals and all that. You take the art out of ASB and we may as well be Smogon ASB. And maybe not this change specifically, but this attitude behind this change, this is what's smothering the art.

Another point: sigs have changed a lot in the past few years since you were on regular duty on them. And I'll agree, they've gotten out of hand. But that does not justify setting back the clock on standards completely, some shifts were good and some were bad and we all need to adapt, on both sides of the process. We submitters need to adapt, yes, but the approver(s) need to accept it's not 2014 anymore, either. There needs to be more give and take, and that's not something I've seen.

My final point is that, as far as compliance goes, we do a hard reset on sigs. All sigs are erased, everyone starts from scratch. That is one of the only ways to ensure compliance across the board, should help minimize potential favouritism (which does happen sometimes), makes it so people who pull a Cele and time warp don't get revived later with non-compliant sigs because they weren't around during the big review, and rather than poring over every sig ever, there'd be some people who would know they do not keep compliance to this specific ruleset and will thus not submit those specific sigs. So you end up having to review fewer sigs from it, no-one gets thrown under buses like we've seen happen before with sigs being called out, and puts all of us, from the newbiest joe newb to the vettiest LO vet, on equal grounds on sigs, instead of having the possibility of some older sig from 6 years ago slipping through the cracks because it was never noticed.

Prize Pokemon shouldn't be wiped, of course, like GM Pokemon or the Torterra I won awhile back I never heard back about. But some may need to be changed or updated for a more modern context. Off the top of my head I seem to remember a Smeargle who got a nice but small pool of moves at the cost of being able to Sketch anything else, and then SC updates ended up making that prize Smeargle sig a liability, not a boon of any kind.

Now, one final final point. This, all this, any of this, when it comes to sig review and fixing the system, will only work if the approver(s) are: A: more approachable when it comes to trainers asking rough ideas on the passability or viability of certain ideas than is precedented, historically speaking; B: approve on a more timely schedule, especially at first, when the flow will be heaviest because of all the suddenly-sigless Pokemon floating around and thus more need; and C: more communication. Approvers can and will sometimes make mistakes, overlook things, and just in general mess up. Like with A, they need to be able to be approachable on that. And rejection without pointing out what's wrong is usually not a great idea, because it gives the submitter no direction to go from.

So, in TL:DR fashion:
- make general rough, flexible guidelines, do not call them rules
- all sides need to adapt to it being 2016
- fairest and simplest solution is to wipe all sigs as of this moment and start fresh
- communication is key
- fuck the mathsmeta

EDIT: Oh, and there's also the issue of manpower. We only have one certified approver right now, and of the four other current LOs, one's the guy who just abdicated the approver position, one's Dave, Charm isn't exactly one with the community and green, and Miror's greener yet. Who exactly do we have step up to the plate?

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