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I'll comment on the specifics of new sig policy at a later date. Right now I want to focus on how I think we should go about the Sig Review:

Jeri's post makes it seem like we'll have several people on the job. In light of that, what I propose is that we have members of the community sign up for a given week they will be readily available to work with a Sig Reviewer in regards to their squad. Each Sig Reviewer could take (for example) an average of 3 people a week. Obviously, whoever works with Connor and Dave would take less people that week, and people who work with the likes of Josh and his ~half a dozen sigs could take more. If you miss your appointment, your sigs that are deemed broken will be rejected outright with no opportunity to revise them. You may also choose to not make an appointment with the same consequences. Schedule your appointments to fit your schedule.

During a given week, the Sig Reviewer would make a list of mon on the squads of their reviewees with now-broken sigs. They would then give the list to their reviewees, and help the reviewees balance any sigs that are salvageable, should the reviewee want them to do so. The newly balanced sigs would then be auto approved (or posted in sig submissions if that doesn't float your boat).

If a sig reviewer must go on TA or cannot make an appointment for some other reason, those who were to be reviewed by him will be either given to other reviewers if possible or asked to pick another week that works for them if not. Revised/Rejected Sigs will stay in their original form until all sigs in the league have been reviewed to avoid some people having much, much stronger sigs than their opponents because they decided to go as late in the process as possible.

I think this process would, assuming we have the manpower for it, allow this obviously rocky process to go as smoothly for the battlers as possible, and additionally help people get the hang of writing sigs to the new rules, avoiding more massive purges like the one we had on the last bout of approvals.

Obviously, the issues with this are the number of Reviewers this would require (I'd think at a minimum 3 people would be needed, but I should think that would be doable). These people would also need to be available fairly frequently, which makes things trickier. However, if we DO have the manpower to take care of it, this is by far the best route to go I can think of.

Before it's pointed out, I'm aware this would be a long process- I simply think that's a nonissue. It's gonna be a longish process no matter how we do it, and considering how long things have been broken, I'd say a couple months longer in exchange for the smoothest possible transition is a rather good trade-off.

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