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Well. This changes things.

I appreciate the codification, Jeri. Good work. I have personal issues with how restricting some of this is, but I recognize why it has to happen.

I would like to ask: In terms of "new moves," what about attacks that are strictly non-damaging?

Healing moves, of both health and energy, may only be used once per battle.
I'm probably being a little bit non-remember-y, but was energy lumped into that before? The wording also makes it seem like, say, Recover and Slack Off wouldn't be able to be used in the same match. Or does this apply solely to sigs? I'll be honest, I'm kinda confused :$

Signature trainings that have unique effects might be another category to consider if you're looking for another category of sigs. For example, I've got a Rhyhorn that can make his physical rock attacks into special for some extra energy.

The thread title is a bit of a misnomer, as this doesn't apply solely to signature MOVES, but that's a bit of a digression.

I think that we could go about retroactive sig consultation in a number of different ways. My proposal would be that we utilize both methods. We could have a community-run thread where we post our full squad summary (or at least all our mons with sigs) and we could help each other figure out which ones should probably be brought to attention. Following that, we could bring these selected sigs to a more official thread where the sigs in question are discussed with LOs, figuring out what should be changed and proposing edits in accordance with the new rules. After that wave of things is done, then we could get down to specific cases of things that escaped the community thread. A sig court, in theory, would be useful for this purpose, but I think it should be less about punishment (i.e. wiping out the sig entirely) and more about getting specific cases of out-of-line signatures done. The purpose of the community thread would be to lighten LO workload (save you guys the trouble of looking through our whole squad post) and LOs would be able to contribute. Then the official thread is for LOs bringing the majority of these sigs already in play into line with these rules. The "sig court" (or whatever form that thing would take) would be to get all stragglers. With sig approvals being a little (or a lot) more scrutinizing, I think that after the huge wave of old sigs being dealt with, the workload afterwards shouldn't be too bad.

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