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Somethings need to be clarified that come to my mind at the moment.

-Freeze-Dry esque sigs that create 3x SE damage need some clarification and/or guidelines.
--Dual type moves, some guidelines would be nice.

-Sigs like Dave's Druddigon need clarification.
Spoiler: show
Special Attack - Hydra Blast (??):
Raising his arm, Gaarg fires a pulse of light blue energy from his palm at the opponent, dealing significant damage while using as much energy. This attack doesn't have a defined type, but has its roots in advanced energy from a civilisation that has faded into myth, and as such is crafted to strike other legendary opponents. Hydra Blast is considered super-effective against Dragon, Fairy and Ghost-type Pokémon, but is not very effective against Electric, Fire, Grass or Water-types, as these types are too grounded in reality to be susceptible to supernatural means. Hydra Blast is usable twice per battle.

-Sigs that gain infinite offtype, are those still banned?

-Sigs that emulate badges, are those allowed?

-Can we swap movepool for resistance drops?

-What about adding moves AND changing them to stab; what are the stipulations on that?

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