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I would like to buy these items for my secret base please!~

1x Camp Desk (300)
6x Camp Chairs (600)
4x Tropical Plant (100)
1x Eevee Mat (80)
1x Sky Poster (30)
1x Sea Poster (30)
1x Green Poster (30)
1x Ditto Doll (250)
1x Togepi Doll (100)
4x Zigzag Cushion (120)
1x Blue Double Bed (500)
1x Round TV (600)
1x Black Gamecube (300)
1x Blue Long Bookcase (400)
1x Fridge/Freezer (700)
1x Sink (700)

And the total cost should be 4840 coins, if I mathed correctly. Here is my payment.
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