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The individual people are generally fine and likeable. It's the collective that I dislike.

But this tends to be true of most relatively large fandoms.

There's kind of this air of obsessiveness and shallowness that I associate with the HS fandom as a whole that I don't find terribly appealing. There are large swaths of the fandom that are dismissive of Hussie's earlier work (namely, Problem Sleuth) or refuse to look at Homestuck as a whole and instead just choose to focus shallowly on certain aspects of it. It also really doesn't help that HS has had a lot of overlap with tumblr culture which I pretty actively avoid and dislike.

Honestly a lot of my distaste comes from being kind of pretentious when it comes to HS because I really do think that it's a masterful work in spite of all its goofiness and deserves some level of respect and deep thought and I just don't think the HS fandom as a whole sees it that way.

That said, I have to say Homestuck is one of the few fandoms where I've seen the author interact directly in a meaningful way and still maintain a solid brand and the spirit of the story/media, so in spite of my jadedness/distaste, I still think Homestuck is pretty solid.

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