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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
I have to say I do like that Hussie is developing a brand, even if I think the HS fandom as a whole is pretty much shit.
Why do you say that? As an outsider, my view of HomeStuckers has long been:
  1. they're people like Kuno, Daisy, and Copy
  2. (of the blue-skinned cosplayers specifically) they're people like the Navi (James Cameron's Avatar) fanatics, people who dream of being {that other race} and really wish that Homestuck were real
I don't see either group as being "shit," so I'm surprised by your judgment. I see the first group as nice people, and I see the second group as also nice people but ones who are grappling with loneliness, wanting to belong, and other social problems. I saw a group of kids in Homestuck facepaint in town not long ago. I took their photo, to later show Kuno. They were sweet kids, very shy but pleased by the fact that I knew who they were supposed to be. (Well, that I knew they were from Homestuck. I knew no more than that.)
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