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Fair enough! I knew many of the ideas weren't all that great- it's what happens when you try to make items for a game you have next no experience looking at from the perspective of balance xp

In regards to what Kush/Connor/Jeri are saying, if any of them (or anyone else who has a really knows of the kinds of things that would be healthy to implement) would be willing to draw up guidelines or something that would give me (or anybody else) something to work with besides the game's descriptions and minds geared toward writing signatures without care for balance, then it would probably be far easier to come up with ideas that don't suck. Though of course I know by and large they have better things to be doing and it could be argued at that point they're making the items themselves which sort of defeats the point of this thread :v

Really, I just think it'd be a good idea to have more items than almost completely unused type tokens and incredibly limited holiday tokens. Certainly wouldn't hurt to have things worth buying that cost less than 20 SP, either.

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