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Originally Posted by Aposteriori View Post
This is not my love child, but it seems TFK forgot to bring it up. Here it is.

The current full SC, highlighting any problem areas

Binacle (Rock/Water): A single Binacle actually consists of two organisms bound to a rock. Although they appear sessile, they are able to move by crawl on their two heads using their stretchy necks. Since they are both separate organisms, each head is able to act independently to perform two moves simultaneously, but they will both be affected equally by mentally-affecting attacks. They are fairly resistant to Water-type moves despite their Rock-type and take slightly less damage from them. They can see in the dark.

The issues with the SC (in bullet points or short paragraphs, if applicable)
It lacks this:
Spoiler: show

The proposed changes or additions (please do not rewrite the SC yourself)
I dont know how it would be of any benefit, but I guess the LOs can think of something?
I did mention this as soon as the preview for this episode aired. I have some ideas but I'm on my phone atm and will edit them in later.

Alright so i had two ideas based off of the anime events that i think could work.

Idea 1
1 binnacle head, or the two shoulder ones if its a barbaracle, can be detached and attached onto other things. They can then be ordered to attack from the main body or the detached part. This would allow for some really cool tactical play, as you could place one behind your opponent and then they would have to worry about being attached from two different angles. Hell you could even attach yourself to another pokemon if you wanted to. Problem with this is how we deal with damage, obviously they would have to share the same health pool, splitting them would be stupid.

Idea 2
Kind of similar to idea one but this one is a bit more far fetched. In the episode, one of them attaches itself to Bonnie's head and can control where she moves. We could make it so that they can do this, attach to other pokemon and passively through off their movements, or have the option to directly control the opponents movement using a move.

Its really hard to think about how we can take this really cool anime ability and make it workable in asb. But i think we do need to try and give it something related to this cause its a really cool niche on an underused pokemon.

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