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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
No, I understand why you would want it but that is not actual good justification for me to do it.

I rewrite moves to make them more balanced or interesting, not to fix people's pet peeves or give them get out of jail free cards to strategies they don't know how to outplay.
Well granted everyone should walk around with apost!aromatherapy and apost!heal bell for their own benefit, but eh. I guess you are right, that would be too much hand holding. Still, Slack Off feels underwhelming because it is no better than rest with its current incarnation, despite it being a niche move with low distribution.

Could it get a mind altering effect where the pokemon becomes either apathetic, or neutral minded? I dunno, the current version has very little usability of difference over rest. If you were the user Jeri, why would you use the current version of slack off? You probably see something that I don't at the moment.
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