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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
I would definitely be writing the ability to cause x3 properly out of these moves whenever I make any changes.
I dislike this idea, could please clarify why? Im inclined to take your opinion if you explain your rationale at the very least.


I was meaning to include poison moves,but I forgot! Thank you Snorbs

The current full description or rule (if applicable), highlighting any problem areas

Sludge Bomb (PO) -- The user fires a few large round 'bubbles' of sludge at the target. The bubble itself becomes hard in mid-flight, then explodes on contact like a tiny bomb. The sludge inside is very reactive, which is cause for the explosion. They can be fired either in a tight cluster or spread out to hit multiple targets. Each bomb deals moderate damage, and if most or all hit, it deals significant damage. The sludge is highly toxic, and has a 30% chance of poisoning the foe.

Belch (PO) - The user lets out a strong burp, sending forth a massive bubble of toxic goo. The bubble then floats towards the foe, exploding on contact. Any Pokémon hit by the bubble will suffer major damage.

Sludge (PO) -- The user fires a large mass of sludge at its target that splatters on contact, dealing solid damage. The sludge has a high chance (~30%) for poison on contact.

The issues with the move (in bullet points or short paragraphs)

The way we interpret these moves leads me to believe that they are all physical projectiles.

The issues with the move (in bullet points or short paragraphs)

Physical we have: Belch, Sludge Bomb, Gunk Shot, Sludge Wave, Sludge, Poison Jab, Poison Fang, Poison Tail, Cross Poison.

Special we have: Acid, Smog, Venoshock, Acid Spray, Clear Smog

Cubic Reflect/Light Screen are becoming an emerging trend because they are really good to set up at any time a trainer gets a chance. Poison lacks ASB physical/special diversity for some reason, where the strongest special move is Venoshock under the opponent being poisoned. Can we fix that?

I'm not saying change all three versions, but it would be nice to have Belch be completely special with similar stipulation to bubble minus the fragility. That would add a nice balance.

Sludge Bomb still has my wonderful suggestion: globally special and less explosive for non poisons with a smaller chance to poison (probably 10% to mirror the game's effect), and an additional poison exclusive physical option with more explosive properties while retaining the great 30% chance to poison. Why serve dual purpose for Sludge Bomb just for poisons? Not all poisons get Belch or Sludge.

Sludge: If the above two are fixed, there is no obligation to change the status quo on this one. Though, as it stands barely anyone uses this move because of its low distribution to begin with. It could get the viscous vs non viscous format of Sludge Bomb that I mentioned above which could help poisons with diversity.

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