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I honestly don't see a major problem with either of Snorby's suggestions (lol biased?) and I can't say I completely understand the stigma attached to Freeze Dry-esque moves, especially in attempting to give a move a niche, but I'm sure you have your reasons, Jeri, so I won't push that.


I do have an idea

I really need to get the right words for it though and it's too late today to really do that so I might edit my idea into this post tomorrow but it's probably an okay idea? idk I'm tired

EDIT: Aw screw it I'll just bounce some ideas off the wall and if I have my HUGE EPIPHANY I'll edit it in but for now this is all you get

Okay so I think that if you're worried about people abusing different type charts with unlimited offtype or whatever, you might be able to make it a limited amount of uses for Pokemon that don't naturally get both types while simultaneously not having it contribute to levels of offtype a Pokemon would start off with OR draining the offtype. Alternatively, make it full offtype for Pokemon that share one of their types with the move (i.e. Sludge Wave) but not the other, and then make it different for if it's completely offtype for the Pokemon (i.e. Dragon Rage on a Grass type or something).

If you're not really worried about people with different type charts, then just make it the type it is in the game (Water Muddy Water, Poison Sludge Wave, Dragon Dragon Rage), keep the weird type chart to keep it niche, and call it a day, but I guess you are worried about that.

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