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Dunno why you think Sonicboom is terrible it's basically Screech that deals damage but ok :v

Anyway there are literally no special poison attacks right now (Could be wrong if something like Belch or Venoshock was changed when I wasn't looking) so that would give Sludge Wave a very solid use. Blindness is a fun tool to work with and honestly differentiates Muddy Water from the slew of water attacks that have no secondary effect. It'd be a cool middle ground between brine's secondary effect and water gun's power, for example. And making Dragon Rage an attack that always deals Heavy (for example) Damage regardless of resistance/opp's defense boosts/user's attack drops makes it an incredibly useful move imo.

Really, when you look at the mon that learn these moves, they'll all have some use: Muk/Swalot etc would love to have a Poison move that breaks through reflect, Goodra/basically any water lacking Water Gun would like a straight up spammable STAB move stronger than Water Pulse, and either proposed version of Dragon Rage imo has a lot of utility on virtually any mon under the right conditions.

Everything I could say about Freeze Dry has already been said by myself or someone else so no further comment there.

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