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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
I personally like snorbys idea of making them work similar to freeze dry. If you drop the damage down to solid, your not going to be doing ground breaking amounts of damage, unless of course your hitting as a x3 so like snorbys proposed muddy water would hit a stunfisk x 3 and dragon rage would hit kyurem for x3 (lol). Even at x3 your only looking at 21minors if we change the strength to solid, and you could possibly leave the energy at considerable or significant to make it less spam efficient. This way it limits the range of Pokemon you can spam these attacks at and stops you from making your water pokemons hidden power ground and getting full offtype cause you have muddy water.
A la Freeze Dry is not something I like. Full dual type is much more practical and plays a heavier role than just one type. You have to consider dual type mons before using. There is an array of questions you need to ask before you squad someone with a dual typed move that you plan to use.
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