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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
> Edit: Connor had the shared opinion that it should take full offtype for both types, which was my original proposal. Why is that not a food fix? Who suffers if it is done that way?

In what way would this move every be good to use if I'm say Quagsire or Tentacool? There's pretty much no benefit to use it over Earthquake or Hydro Pump or Sludge Bomb.
Yes there is for muddy water; it has a chance to blind, it can be ranged which most ground moves are not, and it has the potential to cause 3x. If you dont have the strategic opening, then dont use it at that time? Tenta family does not get another ground move, so some ground off type for two uses is more tamed than four assuming that you give it hp ground. Dual type moves are not a solve all move and should be used with some strategy in mind. We already agree that three is too much, and four is insane.

Lol food fix.
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