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Okay so

The biggest reason why I have left Dual Types as they are is that I have yet to find a good middle ground where they are both not abuseable and still actually worth using over other attacks. However, some people have abused that fact and now we have swung back to where they are abuesable again.

I don't really like Snorby's idea because let's be honest it just turns them into shit moves (Sonicboom is literally the worst move in ASB). One type energy only is an interesting idea... until you consider the fact that Lickitung has Muddy Water. If you make it only use Ground energy, then you fuck over Water weaks by giving Lickitung the ability to use double the Water moves for free and vice versa. Same goes for Luchachu and Water/Grounds and the handful of Pokémon that genuinely benefit from having Dragon Rage.

So far I see no good options here and while I don't really like the status quo either I am not really sure what to do about this.

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