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>Dual-Type moves

See I feel like these are inherently a bad idea. They're either ridiculously overpowered (Muddy Water) or total trash (Sludge Wave and Dragon Rage).

Flying Press should be done DT's way imo. It's the only balanced one and it would be following the way it works in the games and appears to work in the anime.

The rest, in my opinion, should be made their original types (Water, Poison, Dragon), and made like Freeze-Dry- Hit 1 type it normally wouldn't for SE. My suggestions would be Muddy Water hit Electric SE (as the former GL I assure you Electric is plenty good enough and doesn't need any help), Sludge Wave hit Fire SE, and Dragon Rage hit Ice SE. If deemed necessary, bump the damage down to Solid for all three and make it so the changed type chart only works when used by a mon with STAB.

Alternatively, make them actually work like they do in the games- Muddy Water can do considerable and drastically lower the opponent's accuracy especially if in the eyes etc, Sludge Wave could be a true and blue special Poison type attack to differentiate it from Sludge Bomb, Dragon Rage's fire ball form could be made into an attack that always does X (Significant?) Damage regardless of weakness, resistance, boosts and drops. Or it could be a Dragon-Typed Sonicboom clone.

Honestly the possibilities are endless but with the exception of Flying Press Dual type moves are just a bad idea and really ought be changed. I know this isn't Game Style Battling but these moves are incredibly unbalanced and idek if there's actual anime evidence for any of these.

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