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Rowan laughed as he recalled Melittin's last battle against Behemoth, before marveling at the fact that the Beedrill could now Mega Evolve. He then told the Beedrill that Behemoth would likely love a rematch, not only to test the Beedrill's new powers, but also his own- apparently he's grown somewhat in the past few years. Melittin buzzed enthusiastically in response.

Rowan then returned Hermione's polite bow with one of his own, and invited her to enjoy as many of the treats as she liked. "Weedle Weedle," Hermione replied, nodding to Rowan before turning back to the tray. She sniffed at one of the Poffins, and inspected it for a moment, before charging up a miniature Chocolate Magic attack and firing it at the Poffin. This was just enough to coat the Poffin in chocolate, after which the Weedle happily munched on it.

Next was Ariana, Keith's Trubbish, who Rowan greeted in a very friendly matter. Ariana seemed to be put at ease somewhat by Rowan's words, as well as the pat on the head. She shyly accepted the Poké Puff, taking a moment to marvel at how fancy it looked before she took a bite. Her eyes lit up as she chewed it. "Trub Trubbish!" she said happily before resuming eating the Poké Puff, now with slightly more enthusiasm.

They continued to eat and drink their various snacks and beverages, and once Rowan went to finish his tea, a Roggnerola's cry sounded throughout the cavern. This caught Melittin's attention, and indeed, the Roggenrola in question jumped right into the Beedrill, catching him off-guard and knocking him to the ground.

"Oof!" Melittin grunted, before getting a look at who had slammed into him. "Hey, Lalu!" grinned the Beedrill. "Missed you, too." The Roggenrola seemed overjoyed to see her friend again, and suggested they go and have some fun. "Heh, sure thing," Melittin replied.

Keith and Rowan watched this as the latter remarked that the two of them seemed to know each other rather well. "They do, yeah," he agreed. "In fact, Myrtle was telling me that what set off that fight between Mel and Behemoth last time was because he was trying to protect Lalu from Behemoth or something."

Rowan finished his tea after that, as Keith gulped down the rest of his water, and then Rowan asked if Keith would like to see the lake. "Sure," Keith agreed. He was eager to see this underground lake, and as they got underway, Rowan explained just how the underground lake came to be. Hermione, who was following behind them, listened attentively, equally intrigued by the phenomenon.

Keith then gave a small sigh as Rowan asked who Fatale was, and why Meowth seemed as fearful of her as one would be of death itself. "Fatale is the most recent Pokémon I've caught," Keith explained to Rowan. "A couple of weeks ago, me and Meowth, we came across this place called Cadaver Forest. A guy outside the forest warned us against going in- rumor has it the forest is home to a vicious bloodsucking vampire who never let any trespassers leave with their lives, hence the name. As you can imagine, this was enough to freak Meowth out. But I wasn't all that worried, and plus, curiosity was getting the better of me, so we wound up going through it anyway. Really creepy forest, though- the trees were barely letting any light through, and me and Meowth appeared to be the only living things in there."

"Which should'a clued dis guy in dat maybe dere was a reason fer dat," Meowth interjected.

"Anyway, we're maybe three quarters through the forest," continued Keith. "When suddenly we hear this rustling sound, like wings. We don't see anything, but it's getting closer, and once it sounds like it's right behind us, we turn and look, and it's a Shiny Beautifly. Meowth starts to relax... and then the Beautifly started attacking. Dove right for my neck, after which my Pokédex so helpfully mentioned that Beautifly are aggressive and stab their prey with their long mouths to drink their fluids. So I had Meowth battle the Beautifly, and they were actually pretty evenly matched. Meowth wanted out of there, but I wasn't about to let a Beautifly get the better of me. Might not have been the smartest way of thinking, but even so, I couldn't just back away from this. I called back Meowth and sent out Lenny, my Weavile, who attacked with Ice Beam, but the Beautifly was actually able to counter with Signal Beam. I called Lenny back, and next I sent out Rubeus- you remember him, the Stunfisk I had with me last time I was here- and his Thunder Shock did some decent damage, but when Beautifly started using Absorb, I called Rubeus back and sent out Severus- pretty sure you remember him, he's my Dustox. And to my amusement, Severus just fell in love with the Beautifly right there. They started battling, and they're pretty evenly matched, so it's going well. Finally, Severus lands a powerful Hyper Beam, and the Beautifly collapses to the ground-"

"At which point dis guy decides it's a great idea ta catch da vampire o' Cadaver Forest," Meowth interjected. "Cuz who wouldn't want a murderous bloodsuckin' Beautifly as a part o' da team?"

"So, yeah, I figured the best thing to do was to take the opportunity to make the forest a safer place," Keith said, ignoring Meowth's sarcasm. "So I threw a Great Ball at the Beautifly, and she wasn't able to break out. Once we were out of the forest, I sent her out to try and get things off on the right foot. I could tell she was hungry, so I offered her a bottle of O+ Miltank blood. I keep bottles of them around for my Crobat," he explained. "It's her favorite. And I was right about how hungry the Beautifly was, she gulped down all the blood in no time flat. Before I could suggest a nickname for her, she told Meowth her name was Fatale, and she had no intention of changing that, so I decided to respect that," Keith finished. "Meowth here never quite got over how she tried to kill him and drink his blood, and apparently she's still quite morbid, so there's that as well. Honestly, I'm just glad she's fine with listening to me. I can tell she's still not quite used to having a Trainer yet, but I usually have no problem getting her to listen to me."

"Key word bein' 'usually'," Meowth pointed out.

Soon, they arrived at the lake, but before long, Keith found himself watching a Rhyhorn come from out of nowhere and knock Rowan over. "Rowan, you OK?" Keith asked. Before he could offer to help Rowan up, however, Rowan got up by himself. The Rhyhorn, however, was friendly. What caught Keith's eye, however, was the oddly-colored Roggenrola who had been riding on the Rhyhorn. "Whoa," Keith murmured at the sight of the odd Roggenrola. Rowan introduced the Rhyhorn as Graw, mentioning that the Ground/Rock-type liked to run and crash into things and people, and the Roggenrola as Quad- apparently, Quad was made of Quartzite instead of whatever kind of rock was usual for Roggenrola, which made him harder and tougher than average. "Very cool," Keith nodded. "Quad kinda reminds me of Lenny, my Weavile- their colors aren't similar or anything, but Lenny's a different color than most Weavile. He's not Shiny, either- what's interesting is, he's the same color scheme that Sneasel used to have in the past, like he descended from a colony of Sneasel that never changed their colors along with the rest of their kind. I'd bring him out here, but being an Ice-type, I don't think he'd feel quite at home here, so have a look," he said, pulling up a picture of Lenny he had saved to his Xtransceiver and showing Rowan. The Weavile had dark brown fur and pale blue feathers.

After Rowan fed Graw a Poké Puff, he then offered to show Keith something cool. After impressively commanding Behemoth and Leviathan to rise, they did just that- a gigantic Steelix and Gyarados, one rising up out of the ground, the other up out of the lake. Keith's jaw dropped- they were both huge, even for their species. Leviathan, in particular, was much closer in size to Behemoth than a Gyarados ought to be to a Steelix. "...Holy crap," Keith murmured. He knew Rowan had a Steelix and a Gyarados, of course, but he hadn't known they were this huge! "Rowan, when you said Behemoth had done some growing, you weren't kidding!"

Back upstairs, Fae giggled at Chuck's words, but the subject turned a little more serious as it came to her fear of ghosts. Helena had helped her overcome her fear of ghosts. "Ah, OK," grinned Chuck. "Sounds like Helena, alright. She's actually evolved into Banette since the last time we were here. I don't believe Keith brought her, but if you asked him, I'm sure he'd bring her out for you." Fae went on to say that while she was still wary around ghosts, but reasoned that Chuck couldn't be that bad if she managed to get Rose as his girlfriend. Chuck took this opportunity to smile at Rose as Fae suggested Rose bring them to the bedroom, promising to give the couple their privacy. Now Rose had nodded and was looking at Chuck, as though to ask what he thought. "Lead the way, my love," Chuck smiled in response.

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