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Rowan watches Keith release his other Pokémon, who are revealed to be a Weedle, a Beedrill and a shy looking Trubbish, after which he introduces his Pokémon to Rowan, starting with Melittin.

“How could I ever forget you? I remember the last time, when you and Behemoth nearly destroyed my base, very well” Rowan says with a sense of exaggeration and laughs, the Beedrill then proudly shows the Megastone he wears on his stinger, “Really cool that you can Mega Evolve Melittin, I’ve heard of the power it brings and the transformations a Pokémon goes through, but I´ve never really seen it. I’m sure Behemoth would love a rematch to test your new-found powers, as well as his own I might add. He’s grown a little so to speak.”

Next Rowan turns to Keith’s Weedle, Hermione, who politely bows before him. “You’re quite the courteous lady aren’t you,” Rowan says while returning the gesture with a gentle bow of his own, “and I see you’re interested in the treats, feel free to enjoy them as much as your heart desires.”

Lastly Rowan is introduces to Ariana, who Keith now holds in is arms, the little Trubbish acts shy and stutters an evenly shy greeting which Rowan returns with a friendly smile. “Hello there, aren’t you a cute little Trubbish,” he says and gently pets the Trash Bag Pokémon, “you don’t have to feel shy around here, I’m sure everyone is happy to meet you.” Rowan takes a fancy looking Poké Puff of the tray and gives it Ariana, “Here, I’m sure you’ll like this one.”

Rowan sits down again to finish his tea so he has his hands free to show the other parts of the cavern and to see his other Pokémon. He doesn’t have to search for one of his Pokémon though as a loud and long “ROOOOG!” reaches his ears.

“Rog! Roggenrola!” Lalu comes jumping from behind a pillar, “Rog! Rola! Roggenrola!” With all the speed she has she jumps straight into Melittin, almost knocking him over.

“Mel, dude, I thought I heard a familiar buzz, what have you been up to? Damned I missed you buddy!” the little Rock-type jumps up and down from joy all around the Beedrill, ”How about we go have some fun?”

Rowan looks entertained, “It seems like those two know each other quite well too.” He takes the last sip of his tea, gets up and waits for everyone else to be ready, “So Keith, how about we go see the lake. Lalu came from that direction, so I assume my other Pokémon are around there too.” Rowan then turns to the Pokémon, “You’re all free to do your own thing I would be inclined to say, either come with us to the lake, or enjoy the treats I’ll leave behind. I won’t bring all of them.”

Soon after Rowan leads Keith through the cave, trying to keep his tray as stable as possible in an attempt to not drop any of the Poffins and Poké Puffs as they walk over the uneven, rocky ground, “You know, when I first bought this base, I never expected there would such an immensely grand cavern below it, let alone old mining shafts. As a matter of fact, the lake itself is not really a lake, or at least it wasn’t. It used to be a mining shaft too, but due to leaking groundwater and the absence of water pumps to keep the mine from flooding the shaft filled with water, and erosion did the rest in creating the lake you’re about to see.”

“By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask you. Who is Fatale, and why does Meowth act as if Fatale is the Grim Reaper himself?”

A little while later they arrive at the lake side, “Here it is, the lake,” Rowan says as he looks for a suitable rock to place the tray on. The lake itself looks dark, the water is muddy, sharp rocks stick out of the water along edges and a normal shoreline is mostly nonexistent with most if it being rocky and steep. The only exception is a stretch of land in the center that looks like it is artificially lengthened to form a natural pier into in lake.

“RHYYYYY!” a growling grunt comes from behind, a loud “ROG!” follows quickly. Rowan looks over his shoulder to see what’s going on, but hardly gets the time to see it as a stampeding Rhyhorn runs into him and knocks him over. The Rock Pokémon then pokes his trainer with his horn, growling kindly.

“Roggenrola!” a shiny grayish Roggenrola jumps down from the back of the Rhyhorn right on top of Rowan, “Rog rog roggenrola!” he sounds exited and starts hopping around.

“Graw, Quad, would you please watch out where you’re going next time?” Rowan doesn’t sound too pleased with being nearly trampled by his own Pokémon, “Guess you’ve been following your nose again. “ Rowan sighs as he gets up from the ground and turns to Keith, “So, this here is Graw, and I’m sure you noticed he loves to run and crash into things, including people,” he says holding his hand on his Rhyhorn. “And that little Roggenrola is Quad, he’s a bit different as you can see, instead of the normal rock Roggenrola are built of, Quad is built from Quartzite instead making him a bit harder and tougher than most, and of course he looks the part too with that shiny Quartz crystal on his head.”

Rowan takes a nicely decorated Poké Puff of the tray he managed to put away before being crashed into and feeds it to his Rhyhorn, “Here Graw, this one is for you, it’s chocolate flavored with a sweet cherry filling and cream, your favorite.” The Rock-type visibly enjoys his snack and prances awkwardly once he’s finished it.

“Wait Keith, I want to show you something cool. Well, I think it’s cool.” Rowan walks to the edge of the lake on the pier like landmass, right on the point where the water meets the land. He stands there and calls out loud, “Behemoth! Leviathan!” and turn around towards Keith, with a bit of a smirk on his face. He then holds his arms out wide and low for a moment before bringing them up while shouting “Rise!” and making himself look tall. Rowan looks almost like a preacher with his arms up wide in the air and looking towards the ceiling. But right at the moment he shouts, two giant snakes appear next to him with a deafening roar. One rises from below the surface of the water, the other from below the ground on which they stand. Their swift arrival creates an enormous storm of water and sand around him as if bomb has exploded. Once the dust and droplets have settled Rowan stands there as if nothing has happened with a huge Steelix and almost equally huge Gyarados next to him. They’re both bigger than average, especially the Gyarados who looks to be only marginally shorter than the Iron Snake compared to a normal one.

“Keith, meet my Tag-Team, Behemoth and Leviathan.”

Upstairs Chuck and Fae are getting acquainted. “Making up for lost time,” Fae giggles, “I know what that means,” she giggles again, but looks a bit more serious when the subject of her past fears comes up. She listens to Chuck and replies, [/I]“I used to be really scared of Ghosts yes, but even before we left most of that was solved already, mostly thanks to Helena. I’m still wary around Ghosts though, but if you manage to get a keeper like Rose as girlfriend, you can’t be that bad.” [/I] Fae laughs and her previous cheerful and kind expression return to her face.

”Rose my dear, why don’t bring us to the bedroom?” Fae suggests, ”It’s a lot more pleasant there, and I promise to give you your privacy back there. I will be too busy tending to the flowers and the bees.” Fae laughs at her own joke.

Rose nods and looks at Chuck to see what he is thinking. She would like to go to bedroom too. The environment there is much nicer and more colorful than the big cave they’re in now. And she would like to show Chuck all the things she has learned in Hoenn, and perhaps he could help her train her abilities even further.
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