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Floor 4: Battleground: Alex admitted that the borrowed boat and Keith's means of aquatic transportation were likely one and the same. He'd apparently sent his Lunatone to seek out transportation, and the Banette's Revenge was what Nuhoko had found. Apparently, it was universally agreed that the boat was well-built- most notably, Tantalia agreed on this as well, and considering she was a Conkeldurr, a Pokémon species well-versed in construction, Keith regarded this as high praise indeed. His own Timburr, Millicent, had had a hand in building the boat, too. And indeed, he'd heard the boat called the Banette's Revenge or something to that effect. He apologized, but maintained that he was justified in doing what he did.

"Honestly, yeah, it sounds like you did what you had to," Keith agreed. "I mean, I'm not exactly happy with the idea of the Banette's Revenge being borrowed without my knowledge or permission... but on the other hand, she did seem to help you screw with Team Rocket- always a plus, as far as I'm concerned," he added with a small smile. "Honestly, no harm done- you did return her safe and sound, still in perfect shape, and you did it for the right reasons. In fact, if you ever need to borrow her again to mess with Team Rocket's plans, by all means, be my guest. That said, I'd appreciate a little advance notice next time, alright?"

Once the conversation was over, their attention turned to the screens on the wall, which now displayed what appeared to be another room in the base. "Wha..." Keith began, before Alex explained that they were seeing the battleground, where their training was done. The doorways on either end of the room they were in led to the room, which had cameras installed so spectators could watch from a more safe distance. "Wow," Keith remarked. He had a training room in his own Secret Base, but it consisted of... a very tall, spacious room, an elevated platform containing the base's battlefield, and seats on the floor for potential spectators. It was honestly more for guests to conduct battles than for day-to-day training, which Keith tended to hold outdoors whenever weather permitted anyway. "Impressive," he said. Alex then suggested they go in for an in-person view of the place while his Pokémon got started. "Sure," Keith agreed.

In the battleground room itself, Lenny was in awe at the room. The Sneasel (for his evolution took place sometime after this visit) glanced around at the impressive room, and then at the Aipom and Cubone who were getting started. An Infernape sat beside Lenny, looking ready to cast Protect at any given moment should anything go awry. The Infernape pointed out the Lugia statue whose eyes were changing color to herald the start of the battle. "Wow, so cool!" Lenny breathed, though his attention was almost immediately diverted to the battle. It was beyond awesome, as far as the young Sneasel was concerned. The Cubone threw his bone just like a boomerang, something Lenny hadn't seen coming at all, and once he realized the real intention behind the Aipom's ineffective Shock Wave- a means of discovering which Cubone wasn't a Double Team copy- he applauded eagerly. The Sneasel couldn't wait to get going himself, though he'd certainly continue to watch the battle for as long as it continued to go on, especially if it continued to be this awesome!

After Hermione asked to know anything there was to learn about the Sundered Blade, the Sandshrew fled, mumbling something about helping with the shopping. Almost immediately after Golestandt began speaking, Hermione started furiously taking notes, and wound up adding some quick sketches to the mix- using Psychic, the Golett was providing some visual aids as well, essentially confirming the rumors and legends- the creatures depicted, they looked more or less exactly like Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza, or at least just like the pictures Hermione had seen in books. Apparently the first two of them had been assuming forms that couldn't be perceived by anyone. They were at war, as many legends so claimed Kyogre and Groudon to be, and it seemed that Rayquaza had descended from the skies to quell their fighting. Unlike the legends that were so often told in Hoenn, however, the clashing weather brought about by Kyogre and Groudon gave way to powerful winds... Hermione made sure to make a note of that, as it did not match anything she'd read about Rayquaza to date. She had Keith buy her that old book that was supposedly an account of the ancient Draconid people just last week, perhaps that would offer more insight into this? Apparently, Kyogre and Groudon put all of their strength into ultimate attacks- Groudon sought to crush Kyogre with an entire mountain, while Kyogre sought to destroy Groudon with a whole ocean, these said to be their ultimate techniques. These Hermione had heard of before- she'd read vague references to Kyogre and Groudon's alleged ultimate techniques before, and jotted down "PRECIPICE BLADES AND ORIGIN PULSE?" in her notes. Apparently, Rayquaza had also added its own ultimate technique into the mix to end the conflict, a mighty impact guided by the winds of the world. Again, not something Hermione had heard of, but she intended to find out more about this.

As Hermione had anticipated, the next image Golestandt created bore a resemblance to the very spire they were inside at this moment. It would have been an exact likeness, except it lacked the windows it had now. Also, both Kyogre and Groudon were depicted as lying down before it. The Golett explained that the explosion had defeated them both, and that Rayquaza had banished them. The collision of the attacks, as the legend had so stated, had carved the spire out of the mountain Groudon had created, and planted it firmly into the ground. Moreover, Rayquaza used a unique power to infuse the Golett's clay body with an unusual sort of energy, which Golestandt interpreted as a command for it to care for the tower, almost as though its continued existence was all that kept Kyogre and Groudon locked away. Apparently, human settlers gave the tower its current name, and any attempts to remove the Golett from the tower were met with resistance- and in the form of Rayquaza's voice issuing a verbal warning, no less.

This concluded the Golett's explanation, which Hermione had jotted down in the form of a good four or five pages of notes and sketches. "Now, the beasts and the wyrm you spoke of... might they be the legendary Pokémon known as Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza?" Hermione asked. "From what you've said and shown me, it certainly sounds like them, which would make those ultimate moves you mentioned Origin Pulse and Precipice Blades... However, I'm a little unclear as to the wyrm," she admitted. "If the beasts were Kyogre and Groudon, then I have no doubt the wyrm must have been Rayquaza, as it's always said to be the only one capable of quelling the fighting between Kyogre and Groudon... but the powers you speak of, its ability to create a gale mighty enough to dispel the weather Kyogre and Groudon create, and an ultimate attack guided by the winds of the world... I've never heard of such things before. That said, I have a book I've yet to read that has accounts from the Draconid people, who are said to know much about Rayquaza, so perhaps that would fill in some of the blanks for me... But getting back to my question, are they in fact the legendary Pokémon I believe they are?" she asked.

Meanwhile, before Alex and Keith made their way into the battleground, the elevator opened up, allowing a Dusknoir to enter. "Whoa," Keith murmured. "Lapis evolved again, it looks like."

Melittin, meanwhile, had eaten his fill from the snack table, and as he was flying away, he overheard the Dusknoir asking about him, prompting him to approach. "We ain't on the same team, if that's what you mean," Melittin stated. "Name's Melittin. I belong to the guy in the hat over there. So, now that you all know my name, how about I learn your names now?"

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