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PASBL Record
Win -- 33
Loss -- 25
Draw -- 4
KO -- 101, TP -- 225.5, SP -- 0
Ref Who Needs A Retest

Pocket Monster Battle Squad
2/2 Mega Stones

Spoiler: show
Level 5

Pike: Blissey-Female-Level 5
Hidden Power: Ice
Rebecca is, as her species is normally seen, a very motherly Pokemon. For the most part she seems to enjoy all the duties that come with this nature. By far, her most favorite part of the whole position is the cooking. Contrary to her trainer, she loves any and all vegetables and fruits. This love of natural ingredients comes, in part, from her medical training. Having been raised in the forest rather than the city, Rebecca is extremely knowledgeable of which plants are good for both cooking and medical care. This knowledge has also seemed to seep into her battling, making her and extremely valuable ally to have on the squad.
Special Training: 「Spice Girl」
Rebecca is able to use Seed Bomb and has the Grass energy to do so twice per battle. She cannot use Fire Blast or Blizzard, because they cause widespread damage to plants and that’s not cool.

Braddock: Feraligatr-Male-Level 5
Hidden Power: Ghost

Level 4

Darius: Vigoroth-Male-Level 4
Hidden Power: Rock

Solidad: Pidgeot-Female-Level 4
Solidad is the closest to what I would call my “signature Pokemon” in that I like her the best despite all the haters. She joined the team way back in the times when a Pidgeot still had that bitchin’ 1.25x boost to Wind attacks and boy did we abuse it. Then The Man declared it OP and nerfed it a bit. While I chose to wallow in the fact that she no longer had as powerful a boost, Solidad decided to be proactive and actually attempt to make the best of a bad situation. Finding hordes of wild Flying-types to help her, Sol constantly trained to make her wind-makers stronger. Day after day she had winds blown at her. She would respond in kind, training until her wings became strong enough to blast back the wind of an entire flock of Flying Pokemon. When she returned to the team, Sol put her powerful wings to use with a shiny new move.
Special Attack: Macroburst (Fire/Water)
Positioning herself at a fair height in the air, Sol aims directly at the ground and beats her wings. This wingbeat sends a high speed column of air directly downwards. As the air reaches the ground, it spreads outward in a circle ten feet in diameter (visual in this image here) at a speed quick enough to fell trees. The attack has two variations: Dry, which deals Fire damage, and Wet, which deals Water damage. The attack deals major damage for major energy. The damage dealt is the same whether the opponent is beneath the column or caught in the resulting spread. Solidad can use this attack twice per battle. She cannot use Heat Wave or Giga Impact.
Hidden Power: Psychic
Attached Item: Pidgeotite

Sutherland: Quagsire-Male-Level 4
Hidden Power: Fire

Diego: Sceptile-Male-Level 4
Hidden Power: Flying

Mr. Vile: Krookodile-Male-Level 4
Special Attack: Greedy Toss (Fire/Electric)
Greedy Toss is a move Mr. Vile created as an homage to the challenge his video game self challenges the player to. Greedy Toss comes in two variations Yumblie (Fire) and Grumblie (Electric). Mr. Vile condenses energy of the type specified into the shape of a small red onion-like vegatable (Fire)/worm-like creature (Electric) and tosses it at the foe. The attack deals solid damage for solid energy of the type specified. The variations are ordered as Greedy Grumblie Toss for Electric or Greedy Yumblie Toss for Fire. The attack can be used three times in a battle, but neither variation can be used more than twice. He has the energy to use each variation twice. Mr. Vile cannot use Fire Fang or Thunder Fang.
Hidden Power: Dragon

Franky: Hariyama-Male-Level 4
Hidden Power: Dark
Another recent addition to the team, Franky is of a species I’ve been wanting for a long time but never really made room for before. As a Makuhita, he was a pretty jovial guy, always quick to make a joke or help out a friend in need. However, upon his evolution, Franky became depressed. With his hands now gigantic, he found trouble in doing even the simplest tasks and became depressed. In classic sitcom fashion, my team and I took Franky out and showed him all the benefits of having gigantic hands. Because this story has to have a happy ending, Franky ended up feeling a lot better about is appendages, both in relation to life and battling.
Special Attack: The Clap (Fighting)
Channeling Fighting energy into his hands, Franky approaches his opponent with arms spread wide. Upon reaching his target, Franky swings his hands as if to clap, smashing the foe between them. As the attack hits, a sound of clapping fills the arena. The clapping sound also scrambles up the inside of the target’s body, have a 30% chance of confusing them. The attack uses significant energy and deals solid damage. The Clap can be used three times per battle. Franky cannot use Focus Punch or Belly Drum.

Kassie: Kecleon-Female-Level 4
Hidden Power: Rock
Despite only joining my squad recently, Kassie hails from a time when Secret Power wasn’t a physical move. In my first battle using her, I made the mistake of thinking that Secret Power was still a ranged move and she paid for it. As a result, Kassie and I trained up our minds and reached a level of mental peace in which we could become representations of the past within the present. I became a short-haired child again. She got a Sig.
Special Training: Super-Secret Power (Normal)
When ordered to perform Secret Power, Kassie will not preform the physical description of the move. Instead, she performs Secret Power as it used to be. Using solid energy, a powdery pink beam is released from Kassie’s body. The attack deals solid damage. The powders contained within the beam give it a 10% chance of inflicting poison, confusion, or drowsiness.

Kelsy: Jigglypuff-Female-Level 4
Hidden Power: Ground

Ray: Zangoose-Male-Level 4
Hidden Power: Ground
Brought up outside Meteor Falls in the Hoenn region, Ray was a bit of a bully. Nearly every day he could be found hang out with his Zangoose crew on the cliffs around the Falls, laughing at and discouraging the native Bagons that kept trying to fly. See, Ray believes that what is supposed to fly will be born to fly and what is supposed to stay on the ground will be born to stay on the ground. This attitude led him to find the Bagon a hilarious form of entertainment, until he fell in L-U-V luv that is. On particularly slow day of messing with tiny dragons, Ray decided to venture out and expand his bullying to new horizons. What he found was a young Seviper just milling about out in the open. Now, Ray is by no means dumb, he just has zero common sense. Not even considering the possibility of this being a trap, the Zangoose dove right in for the kill. Unfortunately it was a trap and Ray found himself surrounded by a horde of eleven very pissed off Seviper. Realising he was probably going to die, Ray made his peace with his PokeGod, closed his eyes, and waited for the end to come. But, for some reason, Ray didn’t hear hissing then silence. Instead he heard a beautiful voice singing some lullaby he’d never heard before. Then he found himself slipping into sleep, along with the attackers surrounding him. Upon awakening, Ray found himself staring at the ground rushing by fifty feet below. Panicking, the Zangoose flailed about before realising that he wasn’t falling, but instead being carried by an Altaria. She chuckled that he had finally woken up but shushed him when he tried to speak. The Dragon introduced herself as Lucy and went about telling Ray how she knew how much he bullied the Bagon population and how she hoped the flight they were currently taking would change his mind. They flew to and fro all day before the Altaria finally let Ray down at his home in the tall grass. Hesitantly he asked to join her again the next day. She obliged for that day and many days to come.
Then one day, Ray’s friend didn’t show up. Asking around the local Pokemon, the Zangoose found out that Lucy had been captured on her way back to her nest the previous evening. Resolving to one day meet Lucy again, Ray set about training extensively, hoping to prove himself strong enough to be captured by a trainer (knowing that the best way to see another trainer’s Pokemon is by being part of a trainer’s team). During his training he requested help from an old Shiftry to learn what little Flying attacks the elder could teach (the Swablu and Altaria blamed him for Lucy’s capture). The old tree obliged and took to teaching Ray the move Air Cutter. Over the weeks of training, the Shiftry soon came to the conclusion that his pupil may not be skilled enough to perform the movements needed to perform the move. With this in mind, the Grass type refocused his pupil’s training into another, similar move. A few months after this training, Ray found himself face to face with a trainer. Without a second though, the Zangoose requested to join said trainer’s team. Obviously that trainer was me and I said yes.
Special Training: 「Air Supply」
Through extensive training, Ray has gained the ability to use Air Slash. He has the Flying energy to use it twice per battle. He cannot use Aerial Ace or Giga Drain.

Hannah: Banette-Female-Level 4
Hidden Power: Fairy
Attatched Item: Banettite

Zurafa: Girafarig-Male-Level 4

Bruxus: Torterra-Male-Level 4
Hidden Power: Rock

Level 3

Michael: Bunnelby-Male-Level 3
Hidden Power: Ice
Michael is a peculiar Diggersby. At a young age, Michael found a nice suburban house and dug out an expansive room in the earth beneath it. For years he lived there, surviving only on a diet of Mountain Spew and Cheedoos. Rarely leaving to the outside world, the Diggersby spent most of his days on the internet, frequenting websites like 5chun and Rubbit. This period of his life was cut short when my team and I were hired by the family who owned the nice suburban house to remove whatever had been dwelling in their basement. Upon pulling him from the foul-smelling cave, the team pressured me into bringing Michael on, to both my disdain and his. I’m still embarrassed to be seen with Michael, as he has a godawful sense of style. How bad you ask? Fedora, black leather trenchcoat, khaki cargo shorts, and socks with sandals are his everyday attire (thankfully he never wears any of this during battle). Also he constantly has Cheedoo dust in his in his bunny neckbeard which, while assisting his moves, is fucking disgusting. Michael is gay and as such, moves like Attract will only work on him if coming from a male Pokemon (but he won’t admit he’s gay and covers for it by calling other people and Pokemon gay). Michael is a militant atheist and refuses to believe in Legendary Pokemon.
Special Attack: Tip The Fedora (Fire)
Scratching into his neckbeard, Michael pulls loose a mass of bristly beard hair, held together by a Cheedoo dust infused with a significant amount of Fire energy. Michael then throws the mass at his foe. Upon making contact, the mass bursts on the opponent, dealing moderate Fire damage and causing bristly hairs to stick into the foe. These hairs will linger on the foe for five rounds, dealing minor damage each round and causing discomfort that will annoy and distract the foe. Michael has the Fire energy to use this attack twice a battle, however, the attack will suffer severe diminishing returns on the annoyance effect if used on the same opponent twice. The bristles may be cleared if the foe is soaked with water or hit with a high energy attack. Michael cannot use Bulk Up (because he refuses to get fit) or Giga Impact (because it’s too much work).

Trish: Buneary-Female-Level 3 (Shiny)
Hidden Power: Fighting
Before joining up with my team, Trish belonged to a mid-level stage actress. Both were part of a travelling production of a play called “Heart of Myth,” starring as a shrine maiden and the maiden’s Pokemon tasked with calming a rampaging Hydreigon. In the play, the beast was tamed through an intricate dance between maiden and Pokemon. Despite the critical acclaim of said production, Trish and her trainer moved on to try to make it in other plays. Much to their dismay, crowds weren’t as receptive to their other efforts and the pair fell on hard times. With not much left to lose, the actress took to the battling circuit and quickly found that Trish had a knack for the craft, managing to do quite well in local tournaments. Sadly all limelight soon fades and fifteen minutes have to run up eventually. Moving on to higher level tournaments with gym challenges in their sights, the actress found her battling skill to be only average compared to her peers. Knowing that she was holding back Trish's potential, the actress talked it over with her companion and came to the decision that they had to sadly part ways. Finding a trainer they both were okay with, the actress handed Trish off, bidding the new pair good luck. Trish has become quite the battler under my care and has since learned to use her skills from the stage in battle.
Special Training: WANABEEEEE! (Dragon/Normal)
Thanks to her past as a dancer, Honey may use Dragon Dance one per battle. Additionally, the confusion inflicted by her Teeter Dance is more potent and slightly harder to get rid of. Honey cannot use Blizzard or Focus Punch.

Magenta: Whirliipede-Female-Level 3
Hidden Power: Electric
Born in the forests of the Unova region, Magenta was caught by a trainer when she was just a wee little Venipede. The trainer, a visiting tourist from the Kalos region, returned home not long after the capture. He set off on his journey using Magenta as his starter Pokemon. As her trainer progressed further into his travels and his team grew, Magenta soon found herself playing second fiddle to many of the other Pokemon. Sadly, this led to her being abandoned on the cliffs of Kalos’ Route 8. By this point she had evolved into a Whirlipede, but despite the power she had, the local Pokemon populations still managed to overpower her more often than not. One group in particular, a flock of very aggressive Wingull and Pelipper, gave her the most trouble. While Magenta could roll and launch herself into the lower flying members of the group, those who could reach the higher altitudes stayed out of her range and launched supereffective attacks. For two years Magenta was hounded by the gulls. With rage burning, she cloaked her spines in poisons and attacked once again. In the past she had gotten lucky, inflicting heavy poisoning and driving off her attackers but this particular day was different. As soon as she connected, the Wingull who had been hit fell to the ground. Normally it took at least a few minutes for them to succumb to the toxins. Though the reasoning was not 100%, Magenta concluded that something in her poisons must have changed. Looking to test this hypothesis, Magenta choose to spray poison at her attackers rather than jumping at them. As her attacks hit, more birds fell from the sky. Pleased with the results, the Whirlipede spit poisons until all her foes had been felled. Making use of this new property, the centipede managed to fend off future attackers with little trouble, even going as far to hunt down other Flying types to measure her abilities. It was a year after this that I found her. Using my Quagsire I easily capture my quarry, hoping to make use of her unique trait. Though wary that I would also abandon her, Magenta quickly warmed up to me and the rest of the team and is one of its sweetest members.
Special Trait: 「Skyhunter」(Poison)
Since her days fighting Wingull, Magenta has infused her regular poisons with the special paralytic mentioned in her species characteristic. As a result, her Poison Type moves now deal Super Effective damage to Flying types. However, they now inflict only neutral damage to Grass types. Magenta’s poisons no longer carry the chance of local paralysis stated in her species characteristic.

Hanzo: Frogadier-Male-Level 3
Hidden Power: Grass

Múspell: Magcargo-Male-Level 3

Stern: Durant-Male-Level 3
Stern is an angry Durant. For most of his life, the bug stayed in his home on Unova’s Victory Road, tunneling all day every day. And, while it was what his family had done since times immemorial, Stern always longed for something more in life. When a dashing young trainer by the name of Kusari entered his domain, Stern realised he had a chance to get out of the cave. Still, the trainer didn’t have it easy. Stern dropped from an alcove in the ceiling, sneak attacking the trainer and beginning a long drawn out battle with the trainer’s Zangoose. Eventually the ant conceded and willingly joined the team.
Upon arriving in the outside world, Stern found things much different than he had expected. And by that I mean he had no idea how to handle airborne foes. During his life in Victory Road, dealing with fliers took little more than climbing above them and dropping rocks. After one particularly rough beating from a Swoobat, Stern set about finding a way to drop the flying rats to the ground.
Special Attack: Stoop to My Level (Steel)
Stern forms a good amount of Steel type energy into the shape of a pickaxe between his mandibles. With a heave, Stern flings the axe at his foe. When the axe hits, the it deals a good amount of damage but also has the benefit of knocking fliers and levitators to the ground ala Smackdown. Stern may use this attack twice per battle. He is unable to use Stone Edge.

Fugo: Seismitoad-Male-Level 3
Hidden Power: Electric

Level 2

Kisin: Hoothoot-Male-Level 2
Hidden Power: Ghost

/b/: Porygon-Genderless-Level 2
Hidden Power: Poison
/b/ is a being from the darkest depths of cyberspace. Originally born from a virus Michael’s computer received while visiting 5chun’s /b/ forum (Mike was looking for torrents of last night’s Competition of Chairs but Mike is an idiot so), /b/ is naturally inclined to be a troublemaker. Many a time has the team been forcibly removed from places due to /b/ dicking with the security systems or activating self-destruct sequences. Because of this, we needed to find a way to exhaust these urges of his. Eventually we settled on a special attack because /b/ is good for absolutely nothing but cheap entertainment when drunk.
Special Attack: Triple Meme Triangles (Normal)
Using a major amount of Normal energy, /b/ creates a glittering, golden Triforce that he immediately flings at his opponent. Upon the Triforce hitting, it disappears, dealing no damage, only to reappear as a glowing mark on the opponent’s chest, denoting them a ‘newfag’. At the end of the turn Triple Meme Triangles is used and for the subsequent two rounds, one of the triangles will vanish, taking with it energy equivalent to 1/3 of the energy used by the marked Pokemon that round. Triple Meme Triangles can be used twice a battle, but only once on a single opponent. /b/ is unable to use Zap Cannon, Thunder, Double Edge, Conversion and Conversion 2.

Edward: Bidoof-Male-Level 2

Level 1

Gottfried: Kricketune-Male-Level 1

Aeryn: Deino-Female-Level 1

Keyleth: Phantump-Female-Level 1

Grog: Mankey-Male-Level 1

Kaiser: Druddigon-Male-Level 1

Abacci: Smeargle-Male-Level 1

Matches To Come When I Can Be Arsed To Get The Links For All Of Them

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