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Rowan listened attentively to Keith's story, which culminated in Keith sending out the very Heatmor who'd featured quite prominently in said story. "Heatmor," Kyle said as Rowan shook his hand, nodding as Rowan expressed hope that the Fire-type would feel at home here- indeed, a cave such as this reminded Kyle of Mt. Aduro, minus the whole having to constantly run for his life deal. Always a plus, that last bit.

Rowan then turned back to Keith, clearly impressed with the adventure the Poison-type Trainer had been a part of, and wished his own life could be that eventful. "Well, maybe it will be, now that you're back in Fizzytopia," Keith suggested. "Things always seem to happen in this region. I usually just find myself in the right place at the right time, y'know?" Rowan then suggested that once they were done with the drinks and snacks that they walk around for a little bit, show Keith the lake, and offer snacks to Salazar and to Rowan's Pokémon as well. "Sounds good," Keith agreed as Kyle gratefully accepted the Poffin Rowan had offered him. The Heatmor began to slowly consume the Poffin, due in part to the fact that a Heatmor's mouth by no means allowed him to eat much of anything in a single bite. "In fact, I think some of my other Pokémon would appreciate a snack as well," he added, reaching for his belt. "Don't worry- I didn't bring my Vileplume, my Victreebel, or my Swalot," Keith added with a small chuckle.

"Ya didn't bring Fatale either, did ya?" Meowth added nervously, trying to get a good look at the Poké Balls on Keith's belt.

"No, Meowth. Relax, would you?" Keith said exasperatedly. As he spoke, he plucked a Poké Ball, an Ultra Ball, and a Cherish Ball off his belt, and threw them into the air. "Hermione, Mel, Ariana, come on out!" he exclaimed.

In triple flashes of light, the Pokémon materialized. The Poké Ball let out a slightly larger than average Weedle onto the table, the Ultra Ball unleashed a Beedrill into the air, and the Cherish Ball unleashed a Trubbish, who clung to Keith's leg, looking around at her unfamiliar surroundings.

"You probably remember Melittin," Keith said to Rowan, gesturing to the Beedrill. Keith imagined Rowan would find it hard to forget the Beedrill, considering the last time Keith had been here, Melittin wound up battling Rowan's Steelix, and had held his own quite impressively against the Iron Snake Pokémon, too. "He's pretty much the same as always, except for the minor detail that he can Mega Evolve now," said Keith, at which Melittin buzzed proudly and showed off the Beedrillite strapped to his left foreleg stinger. "This here is Hermione," Keith continued, gesturing to the Weedle on the table. "Hermione, this is my friend Rowan."

"Weedle," Hermione replied, politely bowing at Rowan before starting to eye the various snacks on the table, sniffing at them with her large red nose, thinking about which one she wanted to try first.

"And this is Ariana," Keith added, scooping up the Trubbish in his arms, the Poison-type looking up shyly at Rowan. "A little shy, but probably the nicest Pokémon you'll ever want to meet. Ariana, this is my friend Rowan," Keith added.

"T-T-Trubbish..." Ariana murmured, shyly waving at Rowan, blushing from the compliment Keith had just given her.

Back upstairs, Rose smiled at Chuck, as though to reassure him that his inability to demonstrate Mega Evolution right this minute wasn't a problem to her. Chuck smiled back in response. "You know, Rose," he said. "From what I know about Mega Evolution, I think you'll also be able to Mega Evolve someday-"

At that moment, however, Chuck was interrupted by a cheerful voice greeting him from behind. Rose looked around Chuck, and seemed happy to see whoever this was. Before Chuck could also see who this was, she saved him the trouble of turning by starting to fly around them- a Beautifly. Different color scheme from Keith's Beautifly, but considering Fatale was a Shiny, this didn't surprise Chuck very much. The Beautifly introduced herself as Fae, but as far as she was concerned, Chuck needed no introduction- she'd heard a lot about him already. "All good things, I hope?" Chuck chuckled. "A pleasure to meet you, Fae. Any friend of Rose's is a friend of mine." Fae then asked what they've been up to by themselves here, while giggling as though already having a shrewd idea as to the answer.

"Thus far we've been making up for lost time," Chuck replied. "We haven't seen each other in two years, after all, and it's been two years too long in my opinion." He continued to hug Rose as he spoke. Then, he looked back at Fae, something having occurred to him. "Fae... I actually did hear about you, from Myrtle and Helena... but according to them, aren't you afraid of ghosts or something?" Chuck asked. "I mean, obviously I'm happy you don't seem scared of me, but even so, is it just me you're not scared of, or are you no longer afraid of ghosts at all?"

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