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Read the adventure, really cool, nice work by Marble too!

Once they sat down, Keith starts to tell Rowan about a most amazing story about his adventures on Aduro Island in the Cascadia archipelago. Rowan listens attentively and at times almost literally clings to every word he says, uttering "Wow's" and "Really's" every time something exiting happens. Especially when Keith tells him about the battle he had with the legendary Heatran and how he eventually, after a long and exhausting battle, managed to beat the tyrant of the mounting with his Weezing and the help of a wild Heatmor. At that point, when the Keith had finished the battle part of the story, Rowan got curious about what happened with the Heatmor pack, but Keith already answered that question for him as he continued to tell him how the pack encouraged their leader to go with him. And with that Keith introduced the Heatmor Kyle to him, who offered him a handshake.

"Nice to meet you Kyle," Rowan says while accepting the handshake, "I hope you will feel at home here, while I know little of Aduro Island, Cortoza does have some similar treats from what I gather, and for a fire-type as yourself I'm sure you can appreciate the tropical temperatures in here."

Rowan then turns to Keith, "That was quite the adventure my friend. I wish my life was as eventful as yours," he laughs, "All I do is dig into rocks and trying to manage my twins." Now Rowan laughs even louder, "Anyways, how about we walk around here for a bit after we have finished our drinks and treats. I'd like to show you the lake here, and," Rowan continues while offering Kyle a Poffin, "I'm sure Salazar and my Pokémon would like a snack too."

Meanwhile upstairs, Rose listens to Chuck's explanation of what the headband he's wearing is. She looks somewhat confused; 'Mega-Evolution' it's a term Rose has heard before, she remembers Rowan having used the word a few times, but has no idea what it really means. She returns the Gengar's apology with a smile. It's okay he can't show her now, she knows she'll get to see it some day and Rose is not in a hurry.

"Hello!" it sounds from behind Chuck in a softly spoken and kind manner. Rose moves her body to the left to see who's behind her boyfriend and immediately her expression turns even brighter than it already was.

"You must be Chuck, I've heard a lot about from Lalu and of course from Rose in her own, unique manner. My name is Fae, it's nice to finally meet you." The Beautifly gracefully flies around the couple, curiously smiling as if she's waiting for them to do something she just knows they have been doing, asking them giggling, What have you two been up to here all by yourselves?
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