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Rowan led the way, and was quite right, as Keith soon found out- the living area was furnished like a combination living room/kitchen, and was no bigger than an average one, at that. It reminded Keith of when he'd first bought his Secret Base, all those years ago. Only two rooms back then- hard to believe, considering it was now a rather large two-story house incorporating such rooms as a Battle Room, a library, and even an indoor swimming pool. But in any case, Keith knew that while Salazar might fit in here, it'd be way too much of a squeeze for his comfort.

Rowan went on to explain he'd been back in Hoenn for the past two years, while mentioning recalling Keith having come from Hoenn as well. Keith nodded to confirm this- indeed he was from Hoenn, and indeed the subject had come up when they'd first met in the Bar. Rowan had, apparently, been in an internship at the Devon Corporation, a name quite familiar to Keith indeed. He knew the company mostly for the creation of a number of Poké Ball varieties, such as the Timer Ball, the Repeat Ball, the Net Ball, and the Dive Ball.

Rowan paused at this moment to prepare the drinks, and a small assortment of snacks- scones, cupcakes, Poffins, and even Poké Puffs. He then asked if Keith would open the elevator door, but before Keith could do much more than nod, the need to do anything of the sort was swiftly eliminated- the elevator door opened by itself, and a Beautifly flew out. Meowth flinched involuntarily at this.

"Oh, quit being so dramatic," Keith said to Meowth. "You know full well that's not Fatale."

"I know dat," Meowth snapped back. "It's a survival instinct kicked in, is all."

Once they were in the elevator and headed down, Rowan continued talking. He'd been working with Devon the entire time, and apparently they'd been going back to their roots somewhat- mining work. Only now their interest was in fossils, among other things. And Rowan had apparently spent a lot of time digging around the areas of Sootopolis City and-

"Mt. Chimney?" Keith repeated with interest. "Wow- that's pretty much just a stone's throw from my hometown," he said with a smile.

"Bad pun intended?" Meowth asked.

"Completely," nodded Keith.

Around that time, the elevator came to a stop, and as the doors slid open, so too did Keith's mouth as his jaw succumbed to gravity. He expected a large cave kind of area, alright, but this was enormous! Salazar would have room to maneuver and then some!

"...Holy crap," Keith and Meowth murmured simultaneously, a murmur which echoed all around the cavernous cavern.

Rowan introduced this ultra-spacious area as the cave containing the entrance to the mine, and encouraged Keith to let Salazar run around. Nodding at this, Keith produced the Poké Ball from his belt and tossed it into the air, unleashing the Megapede Pokémon back out into the open.

Salazar's red eyes widened as he surveyed his spacious surroundings. "SCOLipede!" he exclaimed in awe.

"Have fun, Salazar, behave, you know the drill," Keith smiled. At this, Salazar started wandering around, taking in the extremely roomy cave the whole while.

Presently they came to a set of rocks, which Rowan explained he'd carved into chairs, with one of them serving as a decent table. As he placed the tray on the table, he urged Keith to take a seat, and to tell him what he'd been up to in his absence.

Keith and Meowth exchanged glances as the former sat in one of the rock chairs. "You gonna tell him about Mt. Aduro?" asked Meowth.

"I don't see why not," Keith replied, before turning back to Rowan. "Alright, well, a lot's gone on in the past two years, but one thing I have to mention is, about a year ago, I decided to explore Aduro Island, in the Cascadia archipelago. It all started when me and Godric- my Nidoking- got off the ferry..."

"...And this guy wasn't getting the hint, until the Magcargo started attacking him, so that's when me and Godric stepped in..."

"...another pair of Magcargo came slithering out of the river, so we all decided to make a run for it instead of continuing to fight..."

"...extremely bumpy terrain, but- well, you mentioned you've been to Mt. Chimney? You know the Jagged Pass? I spent at least half my childhood climbing all over that thing, so navigating this was a piece of cake..."

" obviously with so much valuable gems and whatnot right above us, I'm thinking I'm set for life, but then there's an earthquake, and then the whole thing starts caving in. And to make matters worse, instead of going for the exit, this rock landed right behind me and Meowth, scared us both out of our wits, and we wound up taking off in the complete opposite direction..."

"...I mean, I'm just thankful those rocks fell off the wall and not the ceiling, elseways my legs would've been broken for sure. But I had Helga- my Hariyama- help to clear the rocks off my legs, and also shatter this huge boulder that would've hit me right in the head..."

"...and a Doduo comes out of nowhere and helps Meowth defeat the Torkoal. The Doduo wanted us to follow it. I don't know where this Doduo came from or where it wants to lead us, but at the moment I figure anything's better than where we were at the time, y'know? So I sent out Vernon, this Tauros I used to own, climbed on his back, and told him to follow Doduo..."

"...and we came out in this huge open area of the cave... kinda similar to how big this place is, actually. More importantly, the cave-in wasn't happening in this area, so Doduo basically saved our lives just then. But then we see Kyle, that journalist from before- the Doduo's his, and this pair of Magmar are advancing on him while a pack of Heatmor are cowering behind him..."

"...but before I gave Vernon a command, I used my Pokédex to do a more in-depth scan on the Heatmor pack, because I saw it say Heatmor can have Flash Fire. And Vernon knows Role Play, so I figured an immunity to Fire would really come in handy. Of the five Heatmor, however, the first four all had Gluttony. The leader of the pack was the only one with Flash Fire..."

"...and Magmar's closing in, and Vernon's still trying to stand back up, when Doduo and the Heatmor leader just jump in and attack with Peck and Tackle respectively. Didn't do much, but it bought Vernon the time he needed to get back up..."

"...but before Magmar can run away, this big booming voice goes 'WEAKLING', and a huge rock falls from out of nowhere, right on Magmar. It... it could not have survived that..."

"...and Meowth translated for me. Turns out the god of the mountain, known only as 'the great one' was out to wipe out that pack of Heatmor, the last of their kind on the island, just because they didn't meet his arbitrary criteria for being worthy to live in the mountain. I tell you, I was furious about that. I mean, the Heatmor were obviously good, decent Pokémon, and their leader had helped out more than once against the Magmar. I decided then and there I would help them out no matter what..."

" we backed out of the first tunnel, since there was no way for all of us to get through it safely. We go back and enter the second tunnel, and there's this weird yellow smoke. I didn't know what to make of it... and then I got a better look at the tunnel's walls. They were lined with hundreds of horribly mangled Weezing corpses, all of them giving off Smog and Poison Gas..."

"...of course, James was exhausted, but he had enough left in him to use Aromatherapy one last time to cure Godric's burn. I was through panicking, and I had a plan. Unfortunately, Godric only had enough power for his Confusion to get the Heatmor across the lake of lava, which left me and Meowth to navigate that perilous rock platform puzzle..."

"...and I knew he could very easily allow the remaining platform to sink back into the lava with us on it, too, but no way in hell was I gonna give up on the Heatmor, y'know? So I sent out my Weezing, Gemini and Mustard, and used them as an emergency conveyance to make it the rest of the way across. Only thing is, Weezing aren't built to support humans in flight, and we almost didn't make it. Gemini nearly dropped us, but Mustard, Arceus bless him, had just enough strength to heave me, Meowth, and Gemini onto solid rock..."

"...and there was Kyle! He'd been spared the great one's wrath, but only on the condition he dissuades me from going any further. I could tell this wasn't sitting well with him at all, so I had Meowth stall Doduo while I tried to talk some sense into him. Unfortunately, he was too scared of the great one to agree to come with me. I didn't like it, but we had to leave him there and hope for the best..."

"...and the Magmortar that climbed out of the lava was massive. I sent out Helga to battle it- she's taller than I am, and even she's shorter than that Magmortar was. And then, on top of it all, all her Arm Thrust seemed to do was trigger Flame Body. I'm thinking we might be screwed at this point, except turns out Helga's Ability is Guts! All that burn did was power her up! So I began to piece the strategy together in my mind..."

"...and when Magmortar couldn't stand back up, I knew Force Palm had finally paralyzed it, so I had Helga follow up with Smelling Salts, and then she finished the job with a powerful Brine attack. However, this caused Magmortar to fall into the lava, and when Helga pulled it back out, it had turned completely to stone..."

"...and there it was, the great one, the god of Mt. Aduro- a gigantic Heatran. Helga was all set for another fight, but I held her back. I mean, I knew she had it in her, but I also knew whose battle this really was- Gemini and Mustard's. So I sent them in, but things went very badly very quickly, as it used Lava Plume to counter our Zap Cannon..."

" I'm figuring if Doduo used up its last moments of life to bring me Kyle's backpack, I might as well see if he had anything that could help. He had, I kid you not, a Dire Hit and a Max Revive. So I used the former on the Heatmor leader, and the latter on Gemini and Mustard, and we were back in the fight..."

"...and the Magma Storm was closing in on the Heatmor pack, Gemini and Mustard were still recovering from Hyper Beam, and the Heatmor leader's out cold at this point, so I did the only thing that made sense- I had Helga aim a Focus Blast right at the big crack in Heatran's head. And it worked. She had to aim through swirling pillars of magma and she still landed the attack. There was a big explosion, and once it died down, Heatran's iron helmet was crumbling away, its eyes were glazed over, and it was just melting into the ground. And then, believe it or not, all the lava just cooled off all at once, like Heatran being alive was what kept the volcano alive. There were all these wild Pokémon gathering, they mostly seemed awed that I managed to eliminate the tyrant who'd been terrorizing the mountain. They were all thankful to me, but most of all the Heatmor leader. As I was getting ready to leave the mountain, the leader approached me, the rest of the pack seeming to urge him to do something. And I had a feeling I knew what that something was, so first I thanked Heatmor for all his help, and then I asked if he'd like to come with me. Of course he was conflicted- I mean, he'd only just made the mountain safe for his family again, I imagine he kinda wanted to live there with them in peace and safety for once, but his pack insisted he come with me. So I held out a Level Ball to him- this Level Ball, in fact," Keith added, producing a Level Ball from his belt. "And, well... see for yourself what he decided." With that, Keith tossed the Level Ball into the air. "Kyle, come on out!"

In a flash of light, the very Heatmor Keith had been talking about materialized. He eyed the spacious cave with an approving nod- it seemed to remind him of his old home- before his eyes fell on Rowan. "Mor?" Kyle said curiously.

"Kyle, this is my friend Rowan," Keith said. "Rowan, meet Kyle. Named him after that journalist- after all he'd done to help us, I thought it was only fitting, and Kyle here agreed completely."

"Heatmor mor," Kyle said to Rowan, offering a handshake.

Rose nodded happily, confirming Chuck's guess to be a correct one, and they hugged again. Chuck couldn't stop smiling- two years of not seeing each other and he still had almost no trouble figuring out what Rose was trying to convey to him.

Soon, however, Rose's eyes found the Gengarite Headband Chuck was wearing, and she pointed up at it, looking at it curiously. "Hmm?" Chuck murmured, before looking up and realizing what Rose was pointing at. "Oh, this?" he said, removing the headband and holding it up to give Rose a better look. "That stone in there, that's a kind of Mega Stone called Gengarite. I don't know if you've ever heard of Mega Evolution before- it's a kind of transformation certain kinds of Pokémon can undergo with the help of their Trainers. I don't know if you saw the rainbow-colored stone Keith has set into his hat? That's called a Key Stone. When Keith activates the Key Stone, and I'm wearing this, it allows me to Mega Evolve- I can temporarily gain a new, more powerful form during battle. I'd show you right now, but I'd need Keith to help me demonstrate," he added apologetically.

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