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"Thanks for understanding," Rowan replies before Keith return his Scolipede, "Well, let's go than." Rowan leads his guests through the tunnel to the living area, the only part of the base that would not look out of place in a regular home as while the place is large, it's no higher than the average living room you'd expect in a house, and decorated as such too with an open kitchen an dining area on the right side of the tunnel, and a cosy living area on the left where you can relax and watch sports or play games as you hang on the couch.

Rowan meanwhile continues talking, "I've been back home, in Hoenn indeed, for the past two years. If I remember correctly you're from Hoenn too aren't you Keith? I'd swear you've told me that when we first met in the Bar. In any case, my father called me and sort of demanded my return. He had arranged an internship and field research position at the Devon Corporation. I have to say that was a great experience," he pauzes as he opens the fridge to get his drink and Meoth's milk, "Moment please, I'll get the drinks ready."

"So anyways," Rowan continues a short while later, carrying a vintage, silver tray with their drinks as well as matching etagčre with some scones, cupcakes, Poffins and Poké Puffs, "Would you be so kind to open the elevator door?" Rowan nods in the direction of the door with his head, before anyone has the opportunity to open the door, it opens by itself and Fae, Rowans Beautifly, flies out.

"Beau Beautifly!" Fae greets everyone and then flies off through the tunnel and the others get in, "The bottom one, with the rock icon please, that will bring us to the mine."

"So as I wanted to say, I've been working Devon all that time. They have picked up their mining work again, though a bit different than what they used to do when they first started. They are looking for Fossils to revive first and foremost, and for new materials they may be able to use to improve and to learn more about the geological makeup on Hoenn and how the earth beneath it works. So I've spend a lot of time around Mt. Chimney and Sootopolis digging and doing my research. All quite interesting really."

Rowan has managed to talk the time full that it took him and his guests to reach the mining site as a pinging sound alerts them that they have arrived. When the doors slide open a humongous area is revealed, easily as high as a ten-story building, with large stalagmites and stalactites all over the place and some forming huge pillars from top till bottom.

"Well, this is the mining site than. Or rather cave in which the entrance to the mine is," Rowan says, this time nodding towards a huge white tent covered in all sorts of warning signs and demands for hard hats, "It can be dangerous down there. But Keith, feel free to have Salazar run around here, I'm sure he'll have no trouble running into my Pokémon. I expect most of them to be near the lake though, which is somewhere on our right side."

Rowan walks towards a few rocks close-by, " I've had a few chairs carved out of the side of these rocks, and this one here always works fine as a table," he says as he puts the tray on top of it and starts placing the drinks and snacks around, "Please take a seat and tell me Keith, what have you been up while I've been gone?"

Above them, Rose nods happily. 'I love you' was indeed what she tried to tell Chuck and she gives him another hug. Rose then finally notices the headband the Gengar wears and points at it with a slightly tilted head as she not fully understanding what it for.

OOC: I'll expand more later on Chuck/Rose, or not if a reply comes first haha
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