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Rowan invited Keith and his Pokémon to the living area, though then suggested that Keith withdraw Salazar first- apparently the living area wasn't quite as large as this area. He then added that they could instead go to the mining site below them- most of Rowan's Pokémon were down there anyway, and apparently there'd be much more room for the Scolipede down there. "That sounds good," Keith replied.

Rowan then apologized to Salazar for the inconvenience. "Scoli, Scolipede," Salazar replied, nodding understandingly. Far from taking offense from the situation, the dark grey Scolipede was just thankful this place had any room for him inside at all.

Keith smiled up at his Scolipede. "I think Salazar's just glad there's anywhere in here big enough for him in the first place," he said to Rowan. "Even in my own Secret Base, there's only one room large enough to comfortably hold him. OK, Salazar, return," he added, holding out the Poké Ball, which immediately called back its tall occupant. "Alright, lead the way," Keith said to Rowan.

Meanwhile, the minor situation regarding Salazar's size seemed to matter to neither Chuck nor Rose, the two of them far more preoccupied with each other. Once their kiss stopped, Rose looked into Chuck's eyes, and suddenly, Chuck could see an image of a red heart in his mind.

Chuck smiled. He'd missed that as well- Rose's ability to transmit colors into his mind. Only now there was a shape to it! This was new, for sure. "You've been practicing, Rose," Chuck said. "That was beautiful... I love you, too," he added. "I get the feeling that's the general idea of what you were trying to say with that heart," he grinned.

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