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"Come, let's take a seat in the living area and I'll you and Meowth your drinks," Rowan gestures his guests towards the small but well-lit tunnel connection the enormous play room with the more cosy and inviting living area, "I'll tell you all about my time in Hoenn as I have indeed been to my home province the past two years." He then looks up at the Scolipede that entered with Keith, "Uhm Keith, I'm sorry to have to ask you this, but would with you if you left your Scolipede in this room, or otherwise return it to its Pokéball? It's a bit big for the living area." Rowan pauses for a moment at looks back at Keith, "Maybe it's best if you return Scolipede to it's Pokéball and we all go have our drinks and talk down at the mining site here below us. Most of my Pokémon are there too and your Scolipede will have plenty of space to run around and enjoy itself in. My apologies." Rowas directs his last two words more towards the Scolipede than its trainer, and says mostly to himself, "I really do need to find a good solution to allow the Pokémon here to go directly from this room to the mining site."

Rose meanwhile isn't concerned with her trainers worries. She hasn't bother taking an elevator or flight of stairs herself in years, she simply Teleports to where she wants to be even in the house. Though right now she doesn't want to be anywhere else than where she is right now, safely in Chuck's arms. She missed this comforting feeling a lot the past two years, as well as the feeling of being intimate with her boyfriend and thus Rose continues their kiss for as long as she can before being forced to brake it to catch a breath. She looks Chuck in his eyes and sends an image of a lovely red heart into his mind.

Mute as she is, Rose spend much of her time practicing her other ways of communicating while she stayed at the Virote's family estate. Thankfully Rose had a very willing friend in Fae, being the only other 'girly' girl in Rowan's team, who she has bonded with a lot in their two year in Hoenn. Since her evolution into Kirlia Rose her mental abilities and potential have become much more powerful and she has trained them a lot, looking at pictures, books and around the estate to learn now things look and try to send accurate images into Fae her mind who would give her feedback on what she has seen. So now Rose is capable of not only sending colors into the minds of others, but also shapes and more detailed objects.
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