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Thanks to Sneaze for putting together the new DQ/cancellation rules and leading the discussion. Please see below.

Matches Ending Early

Ideally, matches end when one of both battling parties have lost all of their eligible Pokémon, granting either a clear win or a tie. However, sometimes battles end prematurely. Perhaps one trainer has vanished. Maybe one just doesn't want to continue. Here is a guide for what happens in these scenarios.

Match Disqualification (DQ) times may be set between one day and one week. If a trainer has gone over the DQ time for the battle, their opponent or their ref is to politely bump them via VM (or PM if VMing is unavailable). If they do go over the specified time again during the same round, their opponent may ask the ref to DQ them. This can only happen if the battle has previously reached a length of five completed rounds or more. Gym Leaders and Elite Four members during their respective matches, both the challenging trainer and the Mystery Legend Controller in Legend matches, and all parties in either Tournaments or Contests will have set a set 10 day DQ time, after which they will be immediately DQ'd, with the bump occurring after the 7 day mark. Posting in Trainer Absences with an exact time frame for a period of absence will freeze the DQ timer for that trainer during the stated time period, though extended absences should consider Match Freezing as an alternative (see below).

If, at the time of DQ, there is no target Pokémon, there is one that cannot feasibly be KOd in one round or the DQing trainer simply doesn't feel like trying for a KO, the ref posts confirming the DQ and the match ends. If the DQing trainer would like extra points, a free-round can be attempted where they try to KO their vanished opponent's Pokémon, using a three-mover if they have one left. The enemy Pokémon will make no attempt to evade or defend itself against free-round orders, however exhaustion and other factors still apply, so it is not to be expected to pull off multiple large attacks to finish off a Pokémon that still has most of their health.

Once the match ends, points are distributed as normal, with the DQing trainer treated as the winner even if the match was technically a loss or a tie from a numbers standpoint. If they did not manage to KO a Pokémon during the match, no KOs are awarded, though TP and SP are still awarded accordingly. Battles that end this way will go on a trainer's record as a DQ Win or a DQ Loss, though any Pokemon the DQ'd trainer had below 1/3 health or energy that were not present on the field at the time of DQ are considered KO'd.

If a trainer has gone over the DQ time for the battle but the match has gone for less than five rounds, their opponent may ask the ref to cancel the match. Additionally, if the match has gone over five rounds the match may be cancelled with LO approval for either of the following reasons, either if the match has not been reffed and a replacement cannot be found (both battlers must request) or if the battle is generally inactive and the ref wishes to drop it (the ref must request and both battlers must consent). The battlers gain no points, though the ref will earn 1 SP only - no modifications for speed bonuses will apply. Do note that even if another ref steps in to officially declare the match cancelled, the SP will always go to the last ref who posted a round, and there is no SP given in the event of a match being cancelled prior to the first round. Battles that end this way will not go on a trainer's record and do not have to be placed in the Battle Results thread.

Calling off a match
If trainers mutually decide that they wish to end a battle, they can jointly ask the ref to bring it to a halt. If the match has not completed five rounds, they may request that the ref cancels the match. If the match has completed at least five rounds, the trainers may not cancel the match but mat request that it be called a draw. Standard rules apply, with trainers given points equal to that of the lower amount of KOs scored between the two, and the ref given points in relation to the larger amount of KOs scored between both trainers in the even that one trainer had a lead over the other. In the case of Gym Matches, the Gym Leader will give their opinion to the LOs as to whether the challenger should receive a badge, and the LOs will make an official decision. Battles that end this way will go on a trainer's record as a DQ Draw.

If one party gives up and forfeits, the match ends instantly, with no possibility for a free-round. The 'winner' will be awarded points equal to the amount of Pokémon the 'loser' had at or below one third their total health or energy (including those KOd), while the 'loser' will only receive half the usual points that they would from a regular loss. Battles that end this way will go on a trainer's record as a standard Win or Loss.

Match Freezing
If a trainer has to go on TA for an extended period of time, the TAing trainer and their opponent may agree to put the match on ice if they wish to continue the match at a later date. Once the TAing trainer returns and both they and their opponent have a match slot available, the match is to immediately resume with whatever ref they find. The number of frozen matches any TAing trainer may have cannot exceed the number of match slots they have available of that type, but may go beyond this number for a trainer not on TA if they just have a run of bad luck on battle opponents, with only the matches they have actively going at the time of TA counting towards their own cap if they end up doing the same. Note that if a trainer has to go on extended TA multiple times during the course of a match, both trainers must agree on the freeze each time it is to occur.

The Fast Reffing Bonus

With plenty of SP sinks in the current economy and changes to put a little more responsibility on trainers to order in a timely manner, it's time that refs got properly rewarded for doing their jobs in a timely manner as well. As such, the bonuses for reffing a match speedily are being changed to the following.

Any match with all rounds reffed in a week or less from the last orders will still net you .25 SP per Pokémon the winning trainer KOd. On top of this, reffing all the rounds within a match in four days or less from the last orders will earn you an additional .25 SP per Pokémon the winning trainer KOd, for a total of .5 SP per Pokémon. Finally, reffing all rounds of a match in two days or less of the last orders will double all SP earned in the match, eliminating both of the previous bonuses and including any other bonuses such as those granted via Gym match, doubles, Tournament match, or via event.

As before, posting in Trainer Absences with an exact time frame that you will be gone will freeze the clock in regards to the fast reffing bonuses during the specified time frame, and in the event you slip, you may spend 1 SP to have a single round that had missed the fast reffing bonus time limit ignored.

A Service Point Calculator is now on the site for those needing help figuring out SP earned under this system.

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