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Swadloon True Round 11

We get back to the desert environment where we can see basically nothing due to the sandstorm that was whipped up by our friendly Gabite, Terrainium. Max and Terrainium still seem to be super locked into their fight despite Terrainium holding the current lead somewhat. We don't know how that's the case but it seems even curses can't hold down a Gabite who goes by a strange name which has something to do with terrains but I'm not one to judge when it comes to nicknames whatsoever because I can't make good ones, anyway, to this battle of battles.

Terrainium thinks he's the first to move as he charges up some draconic energy inside of his mouth as he prepares his assault on the Hitmonchan. Max, however, decides to get in a bit of damage before any of that happens and, as if he were superman, runs like a speeding bullet and smacks Terrainium upside the head. Terrainium doesn't lose focus on his charge though as the royal purple energy exits the dragon's mouth as it spirals through the air like some kind of fancy aerial maneuver performed by a pilot of a Mustang P51. The energy vortex locks onto Max who is helpless as his movement and his being relatively close to Terrainium makes for no dodging opportunity.

He tries to move but too little too late as the twister smashes into him as it deal a major bout of damage. This leaves Max stumbling back onto the hot desert floor once more. As Terrainium decides to hide in the sandstorm, and a red veil of energy envelops Max as he gets looked at by Terrainium who is still looking for a fight, and seeing as Max hit him before. He obliges the challenge and breathes a Dragon Breath onto his fighting foe who is then buffered and takes toxic damage. Terrainium wonders what happened and why nothing happened with Max. Such is the way of Memento.... Or so Terrainium thought, even though he was affected by Memento, the evo def buff bump doesn't come into play with Bide. The Bide breaks and Max sends a massive amount of energy smashing straight into Terrainium who screams in pain before looking extremely worn. On the same hand, Max looks extremely tired.

That was eventful.


Max fell below half-way, right outside the final third, and needs a break.

Terrainium is a fair bit into critical, good for two and memento is gone.
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