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Swadloon Grass Gym Trainer - Rain Edition

A young man sits casually in the middle of a wetland, the sky is calm and Grass Pokemon are roaming all around. Nothing could be more out of place except for the massive importance that this place has upon the world. "Those who wish to challenge the Gym Leader over at the WildWood must first best the Badlands Wetlands to even be able to challenge him, though I doubt you'll beat me let alone beat him." A young man who wears a pair of glasses exclaims this as he pushes his glasses back to make his authority known. "I see you've made a mistake and ended up here, well don't worry! I'll white you out and you'll be back to the mainland in no time. What's that? You think you have what it takes? Well, okay then, I'm not gonna hold back whatsoever though." With those words, he waves to you to follow him further in. Just what awaits will blow your mind.

Battles here take place in a rather gloomy looking place, The Badlands Wetlands is pretty much as the name suggests with that being a wetlands where you're bound to have a bad time as getting around a wetlands by foot is somewhat more difficult for Pokemon who aren't Grass or Water typed. This becomes worse every five rounds as the mud of the wetlands becomes thicker and makes movement extremely sluggish compared to usual. The arena is rather flat although there is a 8mx10m pool in the middle of the arena which allows for some water movement and ability to abuse the water. However, to even get near the pool Pokemon are forced to wade through a thorny grove to just get there. This thorny grove, however, is easy for Grass types and Pokemon with hard bodies to get through. The effort of getting through is rewarded though due to the water here being pure and the pureness of said water allows Pokemon to, using a move, drink from it and restore any status issues and have a Water Sport effect for 3 rounds (this can be done once per Pokemon). The ground below the wetlands has several rocks scattered throughout which allows for moves requiring rocks to be pulled off with greater ease. The temperature here is rather cold and as a result Bug types will be very uncomfortable in this arena. Rainfall here is harsh and permanent, no weather can cancel it out unless used by an expert at weather such as Castform. Magic Room and Terrain moves will always fail no matter what if used. There's a canopy above the wetlands which is rather low and as such limits Flying and Levitation. Moves that affect or use the terrain will cost slightly less energy for Grass type Pokemon to use while costing any non-Grasses slightly more. The vegetation in this land is unable to catch fire due to the extreme moisture levels in the air.

4v4 to 6v6
Equilevel/Equiall 4 (GT choice)
Switch = OK
Arena: The Badlands Wetlands

Wading Through (Ongoing)

Stuck In The Mud (In queue)

Masters of the Wetlands (Successful Challengers)

Bogged Down (Failed Challengers)
1. Fairfax (4v4)
2. GX Prodigy (4v4)
3. dirkac (4v4)

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