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In no time at all, the boulder was rolled away. Salazar was visibly impressed by this- the opening it created, it looked large enough for him to go into!

Chuck, on the other hand, was not concerned with things like the size of the entrance, but rather, who was standing within. The lever for the door had been pulled by none other than the very Kirlia he longed to see, and it was clear the feeling was mutual on her part. As Chuck floated inside, they wasted no time in hugging each other, which quickly led to kissing. Chuck was loving this, after two agonizingly long years of not being able to see Rose. Two years too long, in his opinion. He said nothing just yet, lest this kiss be cut short- a most uninviting prospect, in Chuck's opinion- but if Rose could so clearly make her love for Chuck known without speaking, then Chuck could surely do the same in regards to his love for Rose.

Meanwhile, Rowan greeted them happily, inviting them inside. Keith and Meowth entered first (well, second, considering Chuck was already inside, reuniting with Rose), followed by Salazar, who was crawling his way into the spacious cavern- it looked big enough to comfortably contain a Steelix, Salazar thought, looking visibly impressed. It wasn't often he was able to go indoors anymore!

"Hey, Rowan," Keith said with a smile. He chuckled as Rowan assured him that his Steelix, Behemoth, was currently at a mining site, and thus unable to initiate a repeat of what happened last time. "That's actually almost too bad," Keith replied. "Melittin probably would've loved a rematch." Rowan then offered Keith a drink, listing several possibilities including whiskey from Hoenn. "Uh... maybe just some water for now?" Keith asked after a few moments of thought.

"And some milk for me-owth if ya got any," Meowth added.

Rowan stated it was nice to see Keith again, and voiced his mild surprise that he hadn't forgotten where Rowan lived. "What can I say?" Keith shrugged. "I got a good memory. And it certainly didn't hurt that I wound up following Chuck the whole way here, either," he added, with a grin at the... currently occupied Ghost/Poison-type. "My Arceus, has he missed Rose... So, Rowan, where've you been?" Keith asked. "You mentioned something about Hoenn?"

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