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Rose looks up from the series she is watching as she feels a familiar presence drawing near. A bright smile appears on her face. The presence she feels might be slightly different, and way more powerful, than she remembers it, but there is no mistaking who it is. As soon as she hears the knock on the door Rose Teleports herself to the door and pulls the lever down. She could have Teleported outside if she wanted, but someone has to open the door for the people who Chuck would undoubtedly bring with him. And so, as the boulder moves away, Rose finds herself looking into the eyes of the Pokémon she knows is Chuck, yet looks completely different. But still she doesn't hesitate to hug him, and to give him a kiss in front of the others no matter how much it makes her blush.

Rowan meanwhile, being too caught up in his work to hear the knock, did heard the door open and quickly gets up from his seat to see what's going on only to be greeted by a familiar face.

"Keith!" he says with a smile as he walks up to him, "Welcome, please come in, I'm glad Behemoth is at the mining site now so we don't have a repeat of the first time you came here." Rowan laughs and offers Keith a drink, "Coffee? Tea? Something else? Something stronger perhaps? I have an excellent single malt whiskey that I have brought with me from Hoenn." Rowan smiles again, "It's nice to see you again Keith, after all that time I'm surprised you haven't forgotten where I live yet."
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