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An odd shadow sped along the ground. Nothing seemed to be casting it, and yet, there it was nonetheless. And to make things seem even weirder, a dark grey Scolipede with blood-red eyes seemed to be in hot pursuit of the shadow, with none other than Keith Masters riding on its back.

Keith couldn't help but smile as he saw the shadow racing ahead of them. Ever since Luna had had that vision several days ago, Chuck was nothing short of ecstatic, and now that Keith knew the details of the vision, he could see why- a friend of his, Rowan Virote, after having left the Fizzytopia region two years ago, was now back. As for why Chuck was so thrilled about this, this also meant the return of Rose- Rowan's Kirlia and Chuck's girlfriend. He'd gone two years without seeing her, and he wasn't willing to wait a minute longer than he had to.

As the shadow sped along, it started to take shape. Rising up out of the shadow, like a Sharpedo's fin poking up out of the sea, was a formidable and fast-moving . Deeming his usual speed to be insufficient for getting to their destination as fast as he'd have liked, Chuck convinced Keith to Mega Evolve him so he could make the journey in record time. Of course, Keith knew that Salazar, the Scolipede he was currently riding, would get them there just as fast, but he also knew that arguing with Chuck about this would waste time, something the Gengar would definitely not thank Keith for, so he obliged.

At last, the familiar-looking cave came into view. Both Chuck and Salazar came to a stop. As Chuck started to catch his technically unnecessary breath, there was a flash of light signaling his reversion to his regular form- once again a normal Gengar, albeit he wore a purple and red headband with his precious Gengarite set into it. Keith climbed down off of Salazar at that time, the Key Stone set into his Mega Hat gleaming in the sunlight.

"Well, we're here," Keith said to Chuck. "You ready?"

The Gengar grinned. "Been ready for the past two years," he replied. Keith exchanged looks with the Meowth on his shoulder as Chuck floated over to the large boulder and excitedly knocked on it himself.

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