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Resurrection and a massive thank you for MM!

She had one again, a nightmare. Rose sits straight up in bed, her eyes wide open and a look of fear and distress on her face. Nightmares have been plaguing her ever since she and her boyfriend Chuck returned from that damned dimension, the Spirit World, they were sucked into. The battles, the pain, the suffering, it's something Rose will never forget. Not that she truly wants to forget it, as the whole ordeal, as far as she is concerned, brought her and Chuck closer together than they ever were. But she hasn't quite managed to give it a place either.

Not a night goes by without reliving at least one part of the living hell they went through. The only positive is that, somehow, they beat all their opponents. Usually through smarts, like how Chuck eventually got the better of the Dusclops Gluttony by Spiting him into submission and letting his own ability be his downfall by making smart use of Rose her Trace ability. If only the battle itself hadn't been so exhausting on their part. Or had they figured it all out a lot sooner. Thankfully Chuck was smart enough to realize every opponent they faced had a major weakness, though it took them another beating before they got it. Luckily they got ample time to recover between fights or else Rose most certainly wouldn't have made it past their second challenge, a Sableye named Greed.

It was another fight that haunts her nights frequently. Both Rose and Chuck could attack all they wanted, but the Sableye simply seemed to absorb all their attacks. They just couldn't get a dent in it. Especially Rose couldn't do a thing, while Chuck had some minor success with his attacks, Rose's attacks didn't do a thing, as if Greed was completely immune. And she was easy picking, having been at half strength already due to the fight with Gluttony, as she took lots of damage from every hit Chuck couldn't protect her from. Only when she was on her last legs, as a final desperate move to avert a certain death, Rose did something of which she now cannot remember how she did it. Out of nowhere, as if summoned by strange Voodoo Magic, a second doll-like Sableye appeared out of thin air, shiny rubies and emeralds included. At the mere sight of it Greed stopped with what it was doing and jumped onto the doll and didn't stop holding it and mumbled and hissed words like "Mine" and "My precious." The Sableye stopped fighting altogether and Chuck then took it out with a perfect strike from the back, knocking it out.

But even so, beating Greed was only the second battle they had to face, and a lot more were to come. Rose and Chuck were hardly recovered from beating Greed when their new opponent showed his sluggish face. A towering Golurk named Sloth. The enormous Pokémon was slow indeed when walking, but had surprising speed when flying, a feature Rose did not expect. It also prompted her to try out a move she hadn't used a lot, Icy Wind. She knew the cold had the potential to slow the creature down, and she hoped that would open up opportunities for Chuck to strike down at the giant in front of them. Chuck is good at fighting after all, while Rose is better suited for a support role. Her idea had success though, even more than she had thought at first. After a few tries the cold did slow Sloth down, to the point of it almost falling asleep. After that the Golurk became easy pickings for the superior speed of Chuck who drew all the attention towards him, giving Rose the time and space to help boosting his powers so the Haunter could defeat the Golurk, making this battle one of the easiest they had, and one that therefore leaves plenty of space for their next opponent to keep her from sleeping. A Banette named Envy.

While this Banette was eventually beat with not much of a battle in the end. Envy's words have left their scars in Rose her vulnerable psyche. Before even being announced Envy introduced herself with a deafening wail that Rose still hears in her nightmares up to this day. Envy though honored her name. She couldn't stand Rose and Chuck having a relationship and being as close as they are. And the Banette did everything in her power to make both Rose and Chuck doubt themselves and their relationship and love for each other. Manipulative as Envy was, and how naive Rose was, the Banette had it easy getting her words to stick in Rose her mind, even speaking with her through telepathy. Everything Envy said was a lie, Rose knew that, but still the Banette managed to make her doubt everything she believed, to make her feel scared, frightened, alone. The cold and pain she felt are burned into her memory. If not for Chuck Rose would still be trapped there, crying in a cold, dark corner of another dimension, completely alone and forgotten by all who love her. Her lover, being not nearly as susceptible to the manipulative tactics of the Banette saw through her tricks after some time and did everything he could to get Rose out of the hole Envy had dug her into.

At first Chuck tried fighting Envy, hoping that defeating her would end the spell she held over Rose, but Envy elegantly dodged most of his attacks and only tried to frustrate him and making up more lies in her attempt to separate the two love bird permanently. Eventually Chuck realized this wasn't a battle of power he was fighting, but a battle of will and most of all a battle of words. And so he tried to reason Rose back into reality, the true reality and not the one Envy tied to make her believe, the reality in which their bond, their love, is stronger than it ever was before. That however wasn't an easy task as Envy proved to be a powerful opponent even in that aspect. And when things finally seemed to go against her she started unleashing attacks of her own. If Envy could not get what she wanted, no one would, leaving Chuck with two tasks at the same time, convincing Rose that none of Envy's lies were real and dodging attacks from the Banette. Rose however was completely under Envy's spell, and it took extreme measures to get her out of it. Chuck figured that to proof Envy was only out to hurt her, he had to somehow have her attack Rose. He didn't like the thought of it at all, but knew he had no choice anymore at this point if they both were to survive and return back home to their trainers. And so, by smart use of deception and a well-timed Confuse Ray, Chuck managed to have Envy land an attack on Rose opening up a way for him to talk Rose out of the hole.

However, when Rose came back to her senses the fight was not over yet. The Banette had one final trick up her sleeve. Her eyes turned bright red as she mumbled words Rose could not understand as the whole of Envy's body started to glow. Rose remembers it all too well, as well as what happened next. Just a moment later Chuck started to glow too, if just for a moment, after which Envy started to laugh maniacally. It frightened Rose to no end, and still does. Then Envy produced a giant needle out of nowhere and said her last words "I take what is mine, in life, OR IN DEATH!" and drove the needle into her body. Envy perished right there and then, the sound of her maniacal echoing through the arena. Rose was glad it was finally over, but when she looked at Chuck, he laid down on the ground with a grayish, empty look on his face that immediately prompted Rose to fall down to ground crying. She shuffled over towards him silently praying for luck and put all her energy and healing powers into breathing life back into Chuck. Thinking back about it now Rose is amazed with how she handled herself in that situation, and how proud she felt afterwards when she fully realized what had happened and what she had done. But still, the fight with Envy was not their last.

The next opponent Rose and Chuck had to face was a kind of Pokémon neither of them had ever seen. They were introduced as Wrath. They, because two pair of angry looking eyes looked down upon them from a plaque on the arena wall. But then, as the plaque came of the wall, two swords unsheathed themselves and started to attack swiftly and with great precision. They were silent, but somehow still seemed to be able to communicate with each other as their attacked were coordinated to a tee. Wrath sent an onslaught of attacks towards Rose and Chuck at an unrelenting speed. The couple was left almost no time to react and defend against the assault, let alone return an attack. The two swords just didn't stop, likely fueled by an unknown source of anger Rose could feel from them. The continuous dodging and avoiding was tiresome and frustrating too as there was nothing they could do to stop it. Thankfully Chuck came up with an ingenious idea to turn the tide of the battle. He instructed Rose to set up a Safeguard like she did against Gluttony, to buy them some time and give them a window of opportunity once she pulled it down again for them both to unleash their best Confuse Ray against the swords.

This plan turned out to be a masterstroke from the Haunter. Rose pushed the Doublade as far away from them as she could with her Safeguard. Once it was down the two swords immediately came rushing towards them again, making it easier for Rose and Chuck to hit them with their Confuse Rays and get out of the way in time. Unable to adjust their path in time the swords clashed together and due to the effects of confusion they no longer had eyes for their real opponents, but instead started attacking each other. Rose remembers how impressed she was with Chuck at the time. The fight ended with Wrath taking himself out thanks to the genius idea of her boyfriend.

It appeared however she was not the only one impressed. After Wrath disappeared from the battlefield, Lust, the Mismagius who had been the announcer so far, came down from her balcony and entered the arena. Lust had an ominous aura around her with her blue eyes, and almost Hypnotic voice as she complimented Chuck on everything. His looks, his smarts, his powers, anything that came to Lust her mind as she circled around her fellow Ghost-type. Rose didn't know how to react at the time, she just felt scared. But Chuck, perplexed by what was going, also didn't realize he was being put under a spell by Lust as she kept complimenting and even seducing him with her words. It didn't take long after that for Lust to announce herself as the next opponent for Rose to fight. She remembers all too well how Lust directed that information specifically towards her with a wide grin on her face. Chuck was under her spell, he was hers, and to prove it Lust caressed Chucks face and kissed him, and Chuck did nothing to avoid it.

Small as she was as a Ralts, Rose still has nightmares about that moment too. That moment when Chuck turned around and faced her, hovering in the air right next to Lust, looking down at her almost in disgust. She wanted to scream as loud as she could, but no sound came out of her mouth when she opened it, just as always. Thinking back to what went through her mind at that time sends shivers through her spine. That feeling of hopelessness, of not being good enough, how could a Pokémon like Chuck ever truly love a stupid, naive, child like her? A child that can't even say what she feels, or communicate in any other meaningful way. How could anyone love her for that matter? She wasn’t as beautiful, feminine and matured as Lust, so why would anyone and especially Chuck want to be with her? Rose fell to the ground and broke down in tears.

Lust didn't care much for Rose her self-pity and started attacking her. Rose just let the Mismagius attack her. She loves Rowan and never wants to lose the one person who saved her when she was merely a baby, but if the choice was dying or being stuck in this realm alone forever without Chuck, Rose preferred to just die. And so she let herself be dragged around the arena like a rag-doll and smacked into the walls like a toy for Lust to torture, maim and kill. And Lust took great pleasure in causing pain to her victim, pain Rose felt when Lust burned her, or when she sent a bolt of lightning through her body while being suspended in the air. The floor had slowly turned red from Rose her blood, every time her small body smashed into the wall or floor more cuts and wounds appeared on her delicate body. But the pain gradually got less and less as Rose was slowly losing consciousness.

Lust however had other plans for her. Simply killing Rose herself wouldn't be fun and not nearly tormenting enough. When Rose had the strength again to open her eyes, she looked straight into the eyes of Chuck who was still completely under the Mismagius' spell. Then she heard Lust laughing and ordering Chuck to deliver the final blow. She remembers how Chuck charged up a large, dark ball of energy, how she looked Chuck in his empty eyes and sent a final message of love into his mind, how she wished it wouldn't end like this, how Chuck seemingly refused to kill the Pokémon he loved, how suddenly Chuck's eyes lived up again, how suddenly she felt power again as she knew Chuck was back, how their love for each other had broken the spell of Lust. That alone gave Rose a boost of power she had never felt before. She did have something to fight for, and she would no longer allow Lust to just take everything away from her. Rose had lost her family once already before Rowan took her in, and she would not let that happen again. What exactly happened after that she can't really remember, but the first thing she does remember after that is Chuck saying she evolved.

At that point a voice they hadn't heard before boomed through the arena and everything turned pitch black except a purple glowing circle in the center of the arena floor. Rose could see some strange marking in it just before a purple creature slowly ascended through it. Another ghostly creature, one that radiated power through all its pores, Rose could feel that, she could see it. Even Lust felt it as the previously dominating Pokémon looked as if she saw the devil himself rise from depths of hell. Rose and Chuck looked at each other at the same time, they saw it in each other’s eyes, and they both knew that if they had to fight this Pokémon they would not survive it. When the darkness faded, the newly arrived opponent introduced himself gently as Pride the Gengar, and made it clear he had no intention of fighting them but had only come to deliver a message from the entity that ruled the Spirit World. Pride then told the anxious couple that his master had seen great darkness inside Rose and that everything that happened had merely been a test, a way to draw this darkness out of her, and that the master was pleased with what he had seen. The whole episode ended as weirdly as it had begun. Pride handed rose a seemingly empty piece of paper, told her to keep it, and the next thing Rose remembers is waking up at the top of the hill where Rose brought Chuck to watch the sunset as if nothing happened at all.

The sound of loud horn wakes Rose up again. She figures she must have fallen asleep again after she woke up in the middle of the night because of that nightmare. Still, doesn't want to think of that too much. Today is a happy day for her, and the horn means just that, they're almost home again!

"Ah, there you are," Rowan looks at his Kirlia with a smile as she joins him outside their cabin on the boat to Cortoza, "You must be happy too that we're almost home. I'll miss Rustboro City and all the great things I have been able to work on and study. It's always nice to be back in Hoenn, with my family, but it's nice to finally get back to our own place too. Two years has been long enough don't you think Rose?"

Rose looks back at her trainer with a bright smile. The past two years where hectic, running around between home and Rustboro City for Rowan his study and work at the Devon Corporation, where Rowan's father got him an internship thanks to his many connections in the region. She'd preferred to stay at home if possible though. She knows what he does, and all the digging and fieldwork in dangerous rocky areas is not something she enjoys. Rowan has other Pokémon for that, like Lalu the Roggenrola, Graw the Rhyhorn or even Behemoth should things get tough. No place for a frail Psychic type. Rose smiles again, she can see the harbor of Cortoza already.

Rowan too thinks back on the time in Hoenn. It came very sudden. His father called him in the middle of the night. He was to get the next boat home and Charles was already waiting outside with the car, hardly any explanations given, just that it was for the greater good of the family and the company. And so he packed his important things, brought his team of Pokémon and went away, leaving everyone else behind without a warning, disappearing without a trace almost. Well, Charles would stay behind and keep his base from falling disrepair. And so he took the boat back to Slateport, where he went on his way home to the family estate near Route 102. Once home though Rowan wasn't allowed much rest. The next day his father immediately sent him to a friend, the director of the Devon Corporation, who offered Rowan an internship at his company. Rowan wasn't sure about that until he learned what he was supposed to do. The Devon Corporation was once again getting involved in rock, like they did in their earliest day before they became one of the biggest companies in the region. And Rowan was there to aid them into finding new mining sites for new materials and possibly even fossils that they could use and resurrect. For Rowan this was a great opportunity to do what he always wanted to do, being in the field with his Rock Pokémon and working with all kinds of minerals, stones and fossils.

For him it was a great two year and Rowan learned a great deal about himself, his Pokémon and the materials he loves to work with. But after two years he found it time to go back home, to his home. Before he left he had just uncovered a new mining site below his own base, and with all the new knowledge he has he made it his goal to discover the hidden secrets of the old mine he calls home. Thankfully his father allowed him to go back, on the condition he continued the work he did for the family business too. Rowan was happy to do that, work was not the only reason he wanted to go back to Cortoza. Rowan also missed his friends, just as his Pokémon missed their friends. He knew they do, he saw it, especially in Rose. She just hadn't been completely herself ever since they left.

"We'll be back home soon now Rose. I know you're looking forward to it as much as I am. I just hope my base hasn't turned into a mess. I might have sent Corvus back a few times to check up on things, and I trust he's busy preparing the place for our arrival now too as I have sent him ahead a few hours ago, but," Rowan pauses, "Sometimes I just cannot make him out. But I'm sure Charles has been an excellent housekeeper for the time I've been away."

With that thought Rowan and Rose walk off the plank and onto the mainland of Cortoza. They can already see Charles waiting with the car so they make haste getting to him, the sooner they're home the better.

"Welcome back sir," Charles says as he opens the door of the car, "You'll find your home to be in an excellent condition sir, if I may say so myself."

"Thank you Charles, I didn't expect anything else from you." The two exchange a smile as Rowan and Rose get into the car and close the door. The drive back home is a short one luckily, the roads are surprisingly empty and Rowan spends most of the time telling Charles about his adventures in Hoenn. Before they know it Rowan sees the big boulder that is the door to his base, his home. He notices Charles his gardening skills too, the small path leading up to his base is no longer covered in wildly growing bushes, but now looks more like an actual garden. Then the boulder moves, inside Corvus has pulled the lever down when he heard them coming. A moment later Rowan sets foot inside and looks at Rose.

"Finally, back home."
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