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There's also been some phones that are less than kind to things like that. Some phones, and I've had experience with this, interpret certain buttons like the "post reply" button as images only and doesn't let you actually act on it. It can be difficult if not impossible to C/P move descriptions and Species/Type Characteristics (which is honestly something that should be done since we have info spread out really far and it's good to make sure everyone is on the same page with SCs and if there's a contesting to the reffing, a move descript or link may be needed to properly resolve it easily and soundly, or to link to rulings). And the C/P difficultly or even impossibility can be problematic since a fair few phones sometimes crash the browser for various reasons, and unlike written kitten, it doesn't save the copy. And you can't just go from WK to it for the same C/P reasons. And then there's times when someone's computer eats the reffing or times out, which also runs into the same problems without a copy saved to somewhere like WK. Not saying these problems will apply to everyone, but they're definitely factors for some and need to be kept in consideration as well
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